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by Jacky
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Carbs, protein, fiber, hydration, check. I’m ready for the day. I pack up all my foods, my water, and my after work workout clothes. It’s like packing for a trip leaving my house in the morning.

Suddenly I remember today is Jeannie’s baby shower after work, darn! I won’t be able to go to the gym! Oh gosh! I should have gotten up earlier and gone to the gym before work! Well, too late now. Maybe I can go after the baby shower? But the shower probably won’t break up till five-ish and I’ll have to help with clean up, that makes it after six when I hit the gym... it’s so crowded after six...

I won’t get to all the machines without waiting, and I probably won’t get home until after 7:30 and what about dinner? I can’t possible eat that late, and I can’t eat before the gym. What about at the shower? I certainly can’t eat there and I’ll be so hungry from having my last “approved” snack at two o’clock...

Well, this is stupid. Obviously I should just wait another day. I’ll go to the baby shower today and enjoy myself. It will be like a final fling, and then tomorrow I’ll get down to business.

Of course, tomorrow is Tuesday... it would be so much better to start on a Monday. Fresh new week and all. Yes, I’ll start next Monday that will be better! I’ll continue to go to the gym, of course, but I’ll start my new diet eating plan on Monday.

Feeling happy and inspired, I put my diet food back in the fridge and leave for work (after all, it’s Mac and Cheese day at the cafeteria.) Another potential diet disaster, averted at the last possible second.

Twelfth time this year...
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