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A quick poem about the strange loneliness that comes from being a street musician.
Light the Way

One foot forward
That’s how you keep walking
One word slides out
That’s how the keep on talking
The past is just a vague partner
Just a part of the show
But when it’s time to turn off the lights
I can’t let it go

Light the way
Light the way for me
Such a long time I’ve been alone
Lay awake
Lay awake with me
Then any hole I live in I can call my home

Just a few, a few little things
Little things I know
How to look ahead to the brighter days
But still I can’t let it go

Someone say
Someone say to me
That maybe one day I can come into my own
Light the way
Light the way for me
Such a long time I’ve been alone

Downtown there’s a thousand little people
Going about a thousand little lives
Just a mess of all kind of footsteps
That all kind of pass me by
There’s a bunch of towers all steel and stone
Grabbing out like fingers at the sky
Dotted all up with a thousand windows
A thousand points of citylight
Pretty machines all sleek and clean
Just going along for the ride
Little worlds can end with a bang like thunder
Or fade out like a little sigh
Open up the curtains and stare into the sun
Or hide behind the window blinds
One thing is certain when it’s all said and done
It’s still a thousand points of citylight
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