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Sorji is forced to confront a dark remnant from her past.
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Ragnarök Genesis:Demons of Folgoré#1-2  (18+)
Sorji Rymehart, an up and coming unicorn meister is faced with a tough decision.
#2169647 by Derrol Edwards- Fantasy Writer

Ragnarök Genesis: Demons of Folgoré #3

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1st Place In The Cliff Hanger Contest October 2018

         It was the night of The Indus Valley Grand Prix, a treacherous nine mile battle between twelve of Folgoré cities' best unicorn meisters.

         All bets were on Sorji Rymehart, the crowd favorite. The thirty year old elf strode through the poorly lit halls under the arena pavilion. Her long blonde hair tied into a neat ponytail that reached down the back of her green, long sleeved shirt.

         She was still shaken by what her proprietors had demanded of her earlier. So shaken, that she didn't hear the footsteps of the vile creature approaching around the corner, koops... klops, closer... and closer. Until she found herself inches from the vile monster. It's pitch black eyes cold and unnerving as they stared into hers.

         "So you're still alive," blurted Sorji.

          The pale vampiric beauty flicked his dark hair. "Now, is that anyway to greet your husband," said the vampire, Ramsey.

         "Ex-husband," Sorji shot back. "And I want nothing to do with you," she said as she pressed pass him.

         "But I have a message for you... from Hurley."

         Sorji stopped. What?! Her mind screamed. She spun around to face him. "You're working with the Capeminotaurs?!"

         " Yes. They chose to bet on me to win this race. And just in case you had any bright ideas about disobeying their instructions. Just remember, It'll be suicide to disobey them, for you and for your family," said Ramsey with a smirk on his face.

         "Why?" Sorji asked in a whisper, avoiding the vampire's gaze.


         "Why would you do this? You of all people know how much this means to me. To my family. Haven't you already taken enough from us?!" Sorji screamed at him with wet eyes.

         "Oh my sweet Sorji, do you really think I care about you? You think that I would go out of my way to hurt YOU? Don't be ridiculous. This was all Hurley's idea... He did want me to relay a message though."

         "He said to ensure that I'm the one that wins this race, do whatever you must but be sure to protect your beloved Ramsey," he whispered to Sorji as he placed a hand on her cheek.

         She swiftly slapped it away. "You know, I'm not the same little girl that was infatuated with you all those years ago. You. Hurley. The Capeminotaurs. Come at me. Come at the Rymehart family! Even if we die, the realm would know... the Rymeharts were the greatest unicorn meisters ever to grace these lands!" Sorji yelled, then stormed off down the hall.


         “Is everything in place Minister Gahwo?” Asked Indrajit, god of the thunderous sky. The well dressed demigod of asura sat at a small table. An elegant assortment of fine foods were sprawled over a sparkling white table cloth before him. His body was an assortment of parts from various species sown together like some sort of frankenstein monster.

         “Yes my Lord. The ghosts should be arriving any minute now. I ordered them to kill everyone in their path,” the minister answered.


         Sorji emerged from the hallway into the lounge where the other contestants had gathered. She was making her way to Ivy, her pink and fluffy unicorn in the stables on the opposite end of the cavernous room.

         Most of the Contestants were seated to her right in various lounge chairs, chatting and trading insults. To her left was the loading dock, where the arena staff was busy loading and unloading the hover-trams as they ambled into view.

         She was almost halfway across the room when Sam and Chase O'Lantern emerged from behind the twelve foot bronze statue of Halloween, the legendary dwarf. He was the first ever unicorn meister, said to have tamed the legendary unicorn, Tornado, on the very first All Hallows' Eve.

          The pair of O'Lanterns approached Sorji, they were both wearing purple body armor over black t-shirts. Their beady little eyes glowing red in the void of their huge pumpkin heads. "So, you're Sorji Rymehart," said Chase O'Lantern, taking a bite from a red hot piece of cinder he had in his hand.

         "Yes, I am. And what could the great prince from Muspelheim want with someone like me?" Asked Sorji.

         "My grandfather was Kran O'Lantern," Chase answered. "Rival to your grandfather, the legendary Castelleno Rymehart."

         "Oh," was all Sorji could muster as she revelled in the excitement of going up against the grandson of her grandfather's greatest rival.

         "I see, I was wondering why they allowed a Muspelheim prince to enter this race," said Freina Le Fay as she approached the group, the orb atop her twisted wooden staff emitting a slight, white glow.

         "I'm impressed you were able to hear that from where you were," said prince Chase.

         "That's Freina Le Fay my Lord," said Sam O'Lantern. "The all-hearing witch."

         "Oh, I see my reputation precedes me," said Freina gleefully. "Sorji, I need to talk to you."

         "I've already told you Freina, we aren't in school anymore. There's no room for friends on the battle zone. So, stop concerning yourself with me."

         "Yes, you made it perfectly clear that we aren't friends anymore... It's just. I overheard your conversation with Ramsey."

         Sorji immediately turned away. Why? Why are you always like this Freina?! She thought.

         "And even if you've shut yourself off from me, I'm still your friend," Freina went on as Sam and Chase stood there confused as to what was going on.

          Uncertain of what to say, Sorji just stood there, her eyes wondering while her mind raced. All the while, beneath the torrents of emotions she was feeling, an alarm was going off in the back of her mind as the hover-tram pulled into view. Twenty, maybe thirty of them on board. They weren't real people, they were artificially created human slaves, ghosts. But, why are they all armed? Sorji thought... right before all hell broke loose.


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Ragnarök Genesis:Demons of Folgoré#3-5  (18+)
Sorji is forced to confront a dark remnant from her past.
#2170235 by Derrol Edwards- Fantasy Writer

Ragnarök Genesis: Demons of Folgoré #4

Brom21's Fantasy and Science Fiction Society Contest
Word Count:1500

Sartalfheim, Folgoré City, 1988.

          "Push!" Yelled the elven doctor to Katrina Morgan, her face contorted as she struggled to give birth to her first child. Her long, pointy ears dripping with sweat.

         "Come on, you can do it baby!" Shouted her portly husband - Jasper - as he grasped her hand.

         "Ahhhhhhhhh!" Katrina gave a final scream as she pushed her baby girl into the world.

         "Waaah!" The infant cried as the doctor cut the umbilical cord.

         "Ca-can I hold her?" Katrina asked as she struggled to hold on to consciousness. What's going on... She struggled to think, to comprehend what she was seeing.

         The doctor wrapped the infant in a warm blanket and handed her to the silent spectator in the corner. A man dressed in black, he wore a long, dark cloak and a top hat. The stranger took the infant and promptly handed Jasper a hefty bag of silver coins. The portly elf was practically drooling into the bag as he inspected it's shiny contents.

          "What?... No..." Katrina pleaded as she struggled to get up from the bed. She slid her legs over the side, onto the wooden floor of her shabby looking bedroom as she sat up. The door squeaked as the stranger opened it to leave, the sound plunging Katrina into an ocean of despair. She found she was too exhausted to cry, much less to stand. "Don't... Don't take my baby," she pleaded with out stretched arms.

          Annoyed, Jasper swiftly added another bruise to her already battered face. "You be quiet!" He yelled at her as she fell onto the bed, unconscious.


Sartalfheim, Folgoré City, 2002

          Sophia stood upon the windy plains of the Rymehart estate, admiring its green lushness and the few trees that swayed in the morning breeze. She was standing beside her favorite unicorn, Arwen, her head nestled in his beautiful white mane. Just a few days ago, the elven woman had buried her husband. Now, even as her long blonde hair and goddess like features glistened in the morning sunshine, her heart was drowning in a sea of grief.

         Off in the distance, Sophia noticed someone running towards her. It was an elven woman. She was shouting something incoherent as she desperately ran towards the matriarch of the Rymehart family. Sophia may have been worried if it wasn't for her bodyguards closing in on the woman.

          The centaurs raced across the plain at the trespasser, one closing in from each side. The pair circled the freckled faced elf, assessing the potential threat. "Crush, Sakasutra," cast the elder of the two centaurs. Using both his hands to maneuver the earth, the ground before him swelled like an ocean wave and crashed down upon the trespasser, encasing all but her head in a mound of dirt.

         Sophia approached the restrained woman, speaking to her from atop her unicorn. "Why are you trespassing on my property?" She asked the brown haired elf.

         "I- I need to talk to you. About your secret... my- your daughter, Sorji," said Katrina Morgan.

         Sophia paused for a moment, if she was at all worried, there was no hint of it on her face. "Release her. And leave us," she said to the centaurs.

         "As you wish lady Rymehart," the elder centaur replied as the mound of dirt around Katrina slid away. Giving one last look at Katrina, they both galloped off in opposite directions.

         "So you think you've learned some secret of mine and you're here to blackmail me, is that it?" Sophia asked.

         "No! Not at all!" Katrina shouted as she struggled to dust the dirt from her tattered clothes. "Years ago, my husband, may he rot forever in Helheim, sold our new born baby. It has been fourteen long years... but I've finally found her again. I spoke with Tayamar, he told me everything, that you couldn't have children and-"

         "So you've come to take her away! You thi-"

         "No. I don't want that either," Katrina interrupted.

         "So... what is it that you do want?"

         "I just want to know her... my daughter. And, I want her to know me. And someday we'll tell her the truth but for now I just want to be a part of her life. Does that seem like too much to ask?"

          First my husband and now this woman is trying to take my daughter... Katrina thought, but the more she thought about it the more she realized she had no choice.


         It was the next day, Sophia had decided she would introduce Katrina as an old friend. She sent a sleek looking hover car to pick her up from the run down inn she was staying. As the silver limousine like craft halted to a stop, Katrina slid into the back, wearing the only decent article of clothing she owned, a yellow sun dress.

         She sat opposite of Uriann, a golden scaled gorgon in Sophia's employ. Her long, venomous hair hissing as the hover-car sped off for the Rymehart estate.

         The car sped along the black iridium streets of Folgoré city. Looking out the window Katrina noticed the rundown infrastructure and abandoned buildings. "Are we going the right way?" Asked Katrina, a terrifying thought crossing her mind.

         "We just have to make a quick stop, nothing for you to worry about," replied Uriann, smiling brightly to quell Katrina's suspicion.

          Moments later the car hovered to a stop. "What? What's going-" Katrina wasn't able to finish her sentence before the car door was yanked open. The massive six foot frame of a dwarf appeared at the entrance, surveying the occupants of the hover craft.

         "Come here!" He yelled, grabbing Katrina by the arm.

         "Ahhhhhhhhh!" Katrina screamed as the dwarf pulled her from the car and tossed her face first onto the dark metallic street.

         "Lets go," said Uriann to the driver.

         Tears filled Katrina's eyes as she watched the car hover off into the distance. A sharp pain ran through her body as the dwarf's elven comrade stuck his ocean blue trident into her back.

         "Just toss her over the edge Rancoli," said the towering dwarf, Barmir.


Sartalfheim, Folgoré City, 2018. Sixteen years later...

         It was the night of the Indus Valley Grand Prix, a treacherous nine mile battle between twelve of Folgoré city's greatest unicorn meisters.

         They were gathered under the stadium, just minutes before the big race. The large, cavernous room comprised of a lounge on one side and a loading dock on the other, with the unicorn stables located at the exit to go out into the arena.

         "So, you're a fan of the Rymehart girl?" Asked the dwarven barkeep to his newest employee.

         "Yeah... I'm her biggest fan..." replied the freckled faced elf as she stared at Sorji.

         The promising unicorn meister was standing near the twelve foot bronze statue of the legendary dwarf Halloween in the center of the room. She was engaged in conversation with three other unicorn meisters, Freina La Fay -the all-hearing witch- and two O'Lanterns from Muspelheim. Sam and Chase O'Lantern, a bright orange glow emanating from their hollow pumpkin heads as they spoke.

         "Wha-what's happening?!" Sorji screamed, her gaze focused on the loading dock. Several ghosts -the name given to the race of artificially created human slaves- had disembarked a hover-tram and started attacking everyone in site. The loading dock workers stood no chance, one after another they fell, coloring the ghosts pure white cloaks in red.

         Sorji drew her kafar -a wooden sword weapons are sealed in- in anticipation of the battle. "Release, Ivy cleaver, she cast as her kafar transformed into a bisento. Her weapon had a pink egded scimitar like blade attached to the end of a purple seven foot pole.

         "Release, Forest fever. Release, Noble Grenga," cast Sam and Chase as two ghosts approached their group.

         "Flash, Lumiri! Blacken, Kastar! They cast shooting a ray of light and a ball of dark energy at the group of meisters.

         "Gust, Barcirculus! Freina cast as the orb atop her twisted wooden staff glowed even brighter. A dome shaped barrier of wind surrounded the group deflecting the magic attacks to the side.

         "Sprout, Getsuga! Sorji cast as she sent a green, crescent shaped energy wave flying from her bisento.

         A third ghost jumped to her companions aid. "Rumble, Urt Magard! She cast from a kneeling position, throwing her two hands up into the air, she raised a wall of Earth to block Sorji's attack.

         "Awaken, Getsuga!" Yelled Chase as he cast the tier two life magic spell, sending an even larger green energy wave shooting from his sword, destroying the rock formation and the ghosts behind it.

         "We need to fall back. There's too many of them!" Freina yelled as she heard them moving through the cloud of dust and debris.

         "Okay, I'll give them a target!" Shouted Sam. He stepped to the front of the group. "Sprout fire! Kai Napenthes Rahah!" The earth rumbled as the giant burning plant emerged from below it. Its humongous eggplant like body extended up twenty feet before it stopped, a blood curdling roar escaping from its burning mouth. Vines whipped about the gigantic creature, a flurry of red and green, lacerating every ghost within its reach.

         The group began to make their retreat, falling back towards the other meisters. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" Sorji screamed as the whip shot out of the dust and entangled her feet. She fell face first as she was dragged back towards the dust and heat of the turmoil behind them, loosing the grip on her bisento.

         "Sorji!" Freina screamed as her friend was dragged into the dust. She ran after Sorji as a blazing vine came flailing at her, knocking her to the ground.

          Sorji was flung into the wall near the room's entrance, its bricks cracking as they made contact with the elf's back. Sorji looked up through dazed eyes at her assailant. "Bloom, Ka-" She started but a fist came out of nowhere, punching her square in the jaw.

         The slender brown haired ghost then spun to face her. "Cry, Gugamot," he cast as a blue gel-like substance shot from his hands, covering Sorji's mouth and pinning her to the wall.

         "Release, sword," the ghost cast as he drew his kafar and walked towards Sorji. The ghost swung his blade at the elf...

         "Noooo!" Shouted the lounge's newest employee as she threw herself in the part of the blade, leaving a huge gash down her chest.

         The startled ghost looked on as the elven woman climbed to her feet. Wiping the blood from her mouth, she yelled, "Don't. You. Dare. Touch my daughter!"

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Ragnarök Genesis: Demons of Folgoré #5

Unsettling Tales Contest

         The black-silver sword moved swiftly as it bared down on Aly Keyshawn. The twelve year old girl tied to a chair in the poorly lit basement below Hayden Tavern. Aly was a grood, a species descended from the mighty treants. She had a pair of white daffodil like flowers that grew atop her long mud brown hair, a single green leaf sprouted from each one towards her ears.

          Her dark vibrant skin was but a moment from being torn open when the mesh of slimy pink tentacles gripped Kanoc's sword. As if by the flick of a wrist, the mesh of thin, writhing tentacles sent Kanoc flying across the room. He hit the grey stone wall behind his old classmate Charles, the only other human in the room. Rancoli, the tall, slender elf who was the leader of the High Nines gang and his right hand man, Dan, the bald, towering dwarf stood on the opposite side of the basement. All of them fixated on the grotesque creature that had mysteriously entered.

          The slimy mesh that extended from its right shoulder was now retracting. It was tall, six feet maybe, almost as tall as Dan. It stood on eight thick, pink octopian tentacles and its left human-like arm was so thin it might as well have been all bone. But, worst of all, atop the scarred pink flesh of its torso was the head. Its left eye was missing, a pit of rotting flesh left in its place. The right was twice the normal size and bulged from its socket. Its mouth ran vertically from the tip of its nose to the base of its chin. Devoid of lips, an exposed archway of red flesh and sharp fangs, a sight terrifying enough to strike fear into any man.

         "Dr. Gassli!" Dan exclaimed, swiftly grabbing his shiki, the wooden sword that sealed his weapon.

         The deadly monster weaved it's way closer to Rancoli and Dan. "I thought I said NOT to harm the girl!" The monster's agitated voice erupted from a blue gem embedded in a leather collar around its neck.

          Rancoli pointed his silver bladed katana at the doctor, "I don't work for you, Gassli."

         Kanoc climbed to his feet behind Charles, both looking on in silent horror at the sight of the infamous Dr. Gassli.

         Gassli made his way right up to Rancoli, gently shifting his blade to the side and with his one huge eye inches from Rancoli's face, he asked. "You would wage war on Asura?"

         Rancoli glared at him, defiance beneath his emerald green eyes. The golden studs that pierced his elven ears gleamed as the moment seemed to last forever. "Seal, Diamond blader," Rancoli cast, finally returning his katana to its wooden form.

         Dr. Gassli changed his focus to the various display screens on the wall behind the gang leader. They showed a platoon of gang members in the tavern above, armed to the teeth and ready for battle. "Good, we invested a lot to make the High Nines the thriving drug peddling machine it is today. It would've been a shame for us to part ways over something so... trivial."

         "Yes. A shame," said Rancoli.

          What's Asura? And why is Dr. Gassli here? Kanoc wondered as his mind raced. "What's going on?" Kanoc whispered to Charles as he walked up beside him.

         "I have not the slightest idea," responded Charles in a hushed tone.

         Aly shifted in her chair, finally regaining consciousness after Rancoli had whacked her over the head. A trail of blood oozed down into her eyes, impairing her vision. But, she eventually saw him, Dr. Gassli. With wide eyes she squirmed and screamed, a shallow sound muffled by the dirty rag that bound her mouth.

         "Quiet you! Less you want to be hurt some more!" Shouted Dan, his scraggly orange beard dusted with strands of grey.

          Terrified at the thought Aly slumped back quietly into her chair, tears streaming down her face. She scanned the room, desperate for some tiny Ray of hope to save her from this nightmare. Her eyes met with Kanoc's, but he swiftly averted his gaze. Plagued by the guilt of what he had resolved to do to the poor, innocent child, his sister's best friend.

         "Oh yes, I also brought something for you Rancoli," said Dr. Gassli as his thin malnourished arm reached into one of the many ragged scars about its pink disgusting torso. Charles heaved, fighting the urge to vomit. Blue blood oozed from the wound as he removed his hand and opened it to Rancoli.

         Rancoli's face was still contorted in horror as he reached out and took the glowing marble sized crystal from Dr. Gassli's ooze covered hand. "A star stone?" He asked.

         "A unique star stone I've developed, it temporarily enhances your constellations, making your spells much stronger," said Dr. Gassli. "Just a little pre-caution for when her father finally gets here."

         Rancoli eyed the stone suspiciously, eventually shoving it into his blue denim jacket. He walked over to Kanoc and Charles, his long black hair tied in a glistening pony tail. He spoke low, so only the two could hear, "I want you boys to stay here. I don't care what that monster says, anything goes wrong I want you to kill the girl." They both responded with a slight nod.

         Rancoli turned to face Dan, "The Viper should be here soon. Let's go."

         The pair exited the little back room of the basement and entered the wide expanse that held their illegal stores of Logi beneath the Tavern. The red bricks of the brewery wall folded away as Rancoli and Dan emerged through the hidden pathway. They made their way to the front of the tavern.

         The large front room was illuminated by the glow of two boulder sized dieson stones that hovered high above. They circled the great pillar of water that was at the center of the room, a glassless aquarium. Home to a pair of class two magic beast known as screals, a blind Tiger Shark like species with two gaping mouths.

          A brown marble balcony ran around the entire circumference of the room, overlooking the wooden tables and chairs that were usually occupied by drunken merry-makers this time of night. On this particular night however, it was packed with near two dozen High Nines members, all waiting for Folgoré's vigilante to come rescue his daughter.

         The diversity of species among the gang members was matched only by the myriad of weapons they possessed. A pair of orcs were perched on the balcony with their bows in hand. Elves, dwarves and trolls were scattered about the room equipped with everything from great battle axes to deadly iron guatlets. A club wielding centaur close to the bar was engaged in a hushed discussion with a pair of groods and a greying human male.

         "No. The Viper didn't kill him but I heard he got cut up real bad. They've probably taken him to The Kraken's Lair by now," she said, shifting on her hooves.

         "Yea. Jaren was one of us though, the bosses brother. The Viper has got to learn, he messes with one of us, he messes with all of us," said the unruly youngster with thin green vines growing from his scalp, one of the male groods.

         On the surface the High Nines seemed relaxed, confident even but there was an undeniable tension about the room. And, though no one said it, they were all thinking it; where is he going to strike from? This mysterious avenger that called himself Viper.

         The eerie silence that surrounded Hayden Tavern was frequently broken by the boisterous cheers that erupted from The Colosseum miles away. Folgoré was as lively as ever, its inhabitants zoomed about the city in their zafs that hovered along the glowing silver streets.

         But a darkness lurked beneath the bright lights of Folgoré, an entity of death and destruction. A silent killer that slithered through the night, preying on the dishonorable. Viper, the unseen vigilante that stalked the denizens of folgoré's underbelly, striking when they least expect it.

         "Are we even sure he's coming," asked Greylan, a seven foot troll as he meandered around the room.

         "Maybe he realized he'd be walking into a trap and decided to cut his loses," responded the thin curly haired dwarf that walked alongside Greylan.

          Greylan chuckled. "Yes! Of course! He'd be mad to come here, sui-" BANG! The entire room jumped as one of the windows was slammed shut by the strong night breeze.

         "Pull yourselves together!" Rancoli shouted from the 2nd floor balcony. "He's just a man, he bleeds just-"

          The tavern doors flew open and an eerie quiet possessed the room. Slowly he advanced, clad in darkness, his eyes radiated with an intense white light beneath his hood. The blood red hilt of his katana was almost luminescent as he raised it and pointed to the room, "where-is-my-DAUGTHER?!"

         Swoosh! An arrow flew across the room from the balcony. Inches from it's target, the Viper spun in mid-air, catching the arrow and sent it flying back to it's master, piercing through his skull. The second orc let loose another arrow, the Viper ducked under it and charged at the High Nine members, who were now all rushing in his direction.

         Woosh! He slid under the arching swipe of a dwarf's axe, cutting the six foot gangster in half. Two portly elves charged at him from the right, he raised his palm to the pair. "Terrorize! Kambala," he cast as an ominous eye appeared in the palm of his hand, the advancing elves fell to the floor unconscious. He charged to the right of the aquarium, parrying the sword strike of a curly headed dwarf and slashing him across the chest.

         "Ahhh!" Greylan cried as his friend fell to the floor. The mighty troll swung his mace at The Viper, who easily evaded the sloth like attack, and stabbed the troll through the heart. But, Greylan didn't go down easily, he flailed his arms and hit the vigilante, sending him flying towards the door.

         Viper was sprawled on his back as a massive hammer came crashing down, missing him by inches as he rolled out of the way. He sprung to his feet and dodged the swing of a club as a centaur charged pass him. The strapping hammer weilder came at him again, but the Viper was too fast. He got in under him, and spilled his guts onto the tavern floor. Another arrow came flying at him, as he lept back to dodge it two groods came leaping at him, their spears poised to strike and to close for him to dodge. " Purge and illuminate! Keitar," the Viper cast as a tower of black and white light erupted in a pillar around him, burning the two groods to Ash.

         The centaur came leaping over a table, swinging its club at Viper. He blocked the strike but the force of the blow dropped him to his knees. She kicked at him with her front hooves, but he rolled out of the way, slashing her two flailing hooves, now two bloody stumps.

         An arrow tore at the Viper's dark clothes as he narrowly evaded its strike. "Flash! Lumiri," a greying human male cast, shooting a ray of light from his fist as he punched the air. Viper quickly tossed a nearby chair into the ray's path, the chair exploded into bits of charred ash. "Flash! Lumiri," he cast again as Viper jumped up onto a table evading his strike. An orc came charging at him, weilding two small axes in each hand. The vigilante reached into his cloak and flung two black-iron throwing knives at his assailant, instantly killing him as they pierced his skull.

         "Flash! Lumiri," the human cast again, striking the waters of the aquarium as Viper closed in on him. He lept off the table towards the light caster, panic in the caster's eyes. "Flash! Lu-," the man started before he grasped his chest and fell to his knees, writhing in the agonizing pains that came from over using your Zen circuits.

         His head rolled onto the floor as Viper's blade passed through his neck. The Viper charged forward, he was now pass the aquarium and in the archer's sight once again. He could see him in the corner of his eyes, waiting for his chance. A blonde haired elf stood nervously with his rapier poised for attack. As The Viper closed in, panic gripped the gang member and he flailed his sword wildly. Sling! In a single fluid movement his arm went flying into the air still clinging to the sword. Whoosh! The arrow came flying. But, he was waiting for it, Viper spun and parried the arrow. Using his free hand, he grabbed the severed arm and flung it at the persistent archer, piercing him through the chest.

         He carved his way through two more High Nines before the bosses stood in front of him. "You guys are pathetic," said Rancoli to the few that remained of his gang. Two dwarves, a grood and a pair of orcs.

         "Release, Diamond blader," Rancoli cast as his shiki became a silver bladed katana.

         "Release, K O krill!," cast Dan, his shiki becoming a thick wooden pole with small spikes deorated on each end.

         They both charged at the vigilante. Rancoli was fast but the Viper was faster. He sidestepped Rancoli's strike and knocked him off balance with a shoulder jab, then ducked as Dan's pole staff came swinging at him. His blade swiped at the towering dwarf but it was a shallow wound. Rancoli came leaping over Dan, baring his katana down on the Viper, who raised his sword to block the attack but Diamond Blader was enchanted with amplified zen force, it sliced right through the vigilante's katana, and down his chest.

         The Viper's blood splattered on the floor as he fell to his knees. His glowing white eyes losing their intensity.

         "You see, he's just a man," Rancoli gloated as he stood over the bleeding vigilante. "Now, this is for my brother," the gang leader proclaimed as he raised his katana, swinging at the Viper's neck.

         No! No, no, no! Not yet!The Viper's mind screamed. His eyes flared, he threw his body to the side, narrowly escaping the blade and hurled two throwing knives at Rancoli, piercing him square in the chest.

          Rancoli fell to one knee, leaning on his sword. He pulled the knives from his chest as blood soaked his clothes. "You think this is enough to stop ME?!" He shouted at Viper, spitting blood with every word.

         "Ahhhh!" Screamed Dan as he came lumbering at the Viper. Crash! His pole missed the Viper, reducing a nearby chair to splinters. The brought a second arching strike down on the vigilante, who skillfully dodged the pole and slashed at Dan's hands with a dagger he pulled from within his cloak before collapsing to the floor. Dan dropped his pole from the sting of the dagger's strike.

         "Kill him! Kill him now!" Rancoli shouted.

         Dan grabbed the Viper by his leg as he lay on the floor, gasping for breath. He flung the vigilante high into the air. Splash! The water echoed as he sank deeper into the screals territory.

          Almost instantaneously the screals started diving, driven by the smell of blood. The Viper struggled to get his bearings, struggled to find the strength to swim away. But, as the screals grew closer, they let loose a volley their debilitating sonar pings from their top mouths, an attack that causes agonizing pain to anyone that hears it.

         As the sharks closed in, their lower jaws primed for the kill. Viper could see no way out, no way to save his daughter. He had no choice but to resort to the one thing he swore he would never do. Call on the Deva spirit that dwelled deep within him, Bariyadeva, the god of diseases. Even if the city burns, I MUST save her Viper thought to himself. He searched deep within his soul for the vile monster.


         Earlier that day, deep within the bowels below Folgoré city, the Doctor worked in his brightly lit cave. He slithered about on his eight octopian tentacles, as an unconscious child lay strapped to a table, surrounded by strange glowing sigils. The sigils were drawn in a circle and a second set surrounded a second table adjacent to the unconscious Aly Keyshawn. Laid out on this table was a grotesque collection of rotting body parts, all sown together into an abominable monster.

         Dr. Gassli began chanting in a language unfamiliar to me. The sigils glowed even brighter as he continued and the life began to drain from Aly Keyshawn. All the fluids seemed to drain from her body until it became a dried husk and collapsed in on itself, leaving a pile of dust where the girl once was.

         But, on the opposite table, the collection of body parts sown together had transformed, becoming a beautiful mahagony skinned twelve year old grood with white daffodil like flowers growing atop her mud brown hair. It climbed off the table and looked at Dr. Gassli, a blank expression on its face.

         "How may I serve you master?" The copycat asked.


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