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by K.HBey
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From The queen snow land to Mermaid land, prince Kevin is searching for his parents" truth
From the north, a frozen wind was blowing and just snow was everywhere.
Lost, the boy was searching for a shelter. He was hungry and became frozen. He did not eat for two days. He wanted to reach the “Mermaid” land which was just icy. However there was a road block because of a snow storm.

Kevin was a boy of fifteen. He came from the kingdom of “The snow queen land”. His parents were the queen and king of it. His parents disappeared when he was ten.
One day they went to an exhibition at “Mermaid” land, a neighboring land kingdom governed by both Sara and Brad respectively the queen and the king. Since such day they did not come back to their kingdom land of “The snow queen”.
He had never understood why. That is why he would go alone to the kingdom of “Mermaid” to know the truth.

He met an old lady at the fences between “The queen snow” and “Mermaid lands. She had quickly recognized him as prince of “The queen snow “land. Indeed she worked at the castle for many years. She offered him a shelter. She told him not to go to Mermaid land because everyone who went there would not come back for an unknown reason. But Kevin wanted to go there because he needed to know whether or not his parents were still alive. So the lady Anna ordered two men to go with him in a ship. Mermaid was very near and seen from “The queen snow” land.

The day after, the weather was perfect, no wind and no snow fall. The sky was blue and the sun was shining. Rays were reflected on such snow crystals and everywhere in “Mermaid” land; such wonderful place where he got a marvelous childhood when his parents were alive.
Finally Kevin reached the “Mermaid” land. It seemed to him that the land was empty .The more he went further the more the appearance of an icy castle became real as a crying voice was heard. A wonderful icy castle was seen and it would brighten from everywhere if the sun was shining there. But only darkness was there.

The castle got three entries. Great doors carved with beautiful multicolored drawings. There were many windows there. The castle was warm even though. When going further and up the stairs, the castle seemed to him dark and empty and a place of maleficent. From where did the voice come, Just darkness was there?

At the last floor of the castle a beautiful girl was there crying. She revealed to him that all died from influenza and only few got alive because they took the special remedy of the healer Mr. Smith and it was also her case. She remembered when her parents died when she was ten; he told her:
“Princesses Beatrice, this Kingdom has become yours you have to preserve it. It is your family patrimony and all the kingdom dynasty endeavors are here in such castle, in such land of peace and prosperity”

In such castle and every day the girl, the princess, saw people dancing in the castle without music.
She lived since then in both darkness and between ghosts who resembled to such real people who were alive and laughing before such epidemic.
Kevin put the magical mirror in front of him and the girl and then the castle became light. He promised her to render such place a paradise for the memories of their both parents. He took her with him to “The queen snow” land.
Finally Kevin was glad to know the truth about his parents’ disappearance.

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