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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Food/Cooking · #2170544
'That just takes the cake'
1st place win at "Invalid Item prompt: graphic of a rich, decadent two-tiered, ice cream cake

My spirit is not easily seen beneath the decadent decor I wear. To others I am only as I appear and nothing more. Such rich harvest of good taste upon their palate is enough to give me honor.

Only my maker knows the true depth of richness I bequeath to those few willing to reproduce the likes of me. They alone measure each part making the whole more than a few well-chosen gathered ingredients. I am no simple recipe of blended hope and goodwill. It takes a masters hand knowing the best of each part I become and how to weld them into a greater perfect monument. It is at this peak I reach out to bless the lives of others.

My kin are the height of honored guests at centuries of wedding feasts, treasured birthdays and anniversaries. Yet we are not a royale lot. We come from humble origins and visit even humble homes.

We are measured best while honoring those we serve in our final hour. Perhaps an emblem we wear upon our crown may be kept secreted in a private place during the coming years, a fragile reminder of that splendid memory of both us and our recipients at our life's best.

What fortune could be more fitting or well deserved than this? To be the highlight and tribute of such sweet gatherings fills many a heart as it fills the more mundane hunger of those gathered around us. Thanks be to our creators, those forgotten few who unseen are the true artisans turning a simple cake such as I into a symbol of love shared.
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