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telling and being lies so much it is normal to lie
How many times have you lied today? Won’t admit it? That, then, is a lie, too, but fine, let that slide—for now, liar.

Hair straight? Curly? Both? What hair color? Going gray, yet? Doesn’t matter, does it? That’s what hair dye, straightening irons or curling wands are for, yes? To become different or like someone else…not you. Liar.
Make-up for women and men is a festival of deceit to make pretty—easier to look at nice looking liar…

Have you said "fine," in response to "how are you?" Are you fine, really? Even better, have you asked somebody that question of how-are-you, and didn’t really care for an answer beyond the expected fine response—gotta expect the possible lie so not alone in the sin? Just a pack of liars.

Text any? LOL, much? Were you even grinning when you typed in those three letters to mean laugh-out-loud, when you did not even chuckle? I guess in today’s terms, a grin would count for something but that is not out loud, now is it…liar.

Such is life, yes? No? A pack of lies. Happy little lies packed together to make the deceit normal. Everywhere. Everyone. Everything. Just lies that are almost believable. Almost
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2170994-the-deceit-of-life