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by Norman
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I can't believe you left me. (An alternative ending poem.)
I can’t believe you left me
I can’t believe you’re gone
I wish that I could change things
That life could still go on

That we could do the same things
We did most every day
Our routines would be normal
We’d stay the same old way

What happened to the dreams we made?
The plans to be together
The future that was ours to be
A tomorrow that’s now never

There’s so much of regret in me
The words I never said
And sometimes words I said in haste
The ones that I now dread

The good times are all in the past
The present fills my heart
I can’t determine what to do
Now that we are apart

My whole life now seems empty
My vision is a mist
What will I do to fill the void?
The heartbeat that I miss

How could you do this to me?
It’s not supposed to be
And yet I stand here selfishly
With thoughts of only me

I can’t believe you’ve left me
I can’t believe you’re gone
While your life now is over
And mine must still go on

or (an alternative final stanza)

You took my wallet with you
You took the car keys too
I know you went to Bloomies
Why did I marry you?
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