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by Paul
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He lies about everything.

“What’s this, Sylvia?”

“Divorce papers! I’m tired of you screwing around and I’m kicking your ass out.”

“What? Where did you get the idea I’m ...”

“Tell me where you hid the money!"

“What ... what money? I didn’t hide any money!”

“I know you Did! Your mother gave you almost a quarter million before she died and none of it has shown in our taxes, it’s only been our salaries.”

“Mom did not give me any money. We had to pay for the funeral, remember?”

“Yes, I do, but I know she gave it to you for a much nicer funeral than you gave her, you lying, cheap SOB! You didn’t even spend it on Rebecca.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend, and mom did NOT giv ... Rebecc ... uhh ... I’m not sure ...”

“I know you don’t have a girlfriend ... anymore ... I found her note and called. She didn’t know you were already married.”

“So thats why ...”

“Yeah, that’s why. We had coffee and she was so angry she said she’d leave and not even tell you. I like her and we’re having dinner tonight.”

“Sylvia, I’ll ... dinner? What?”

You’ll what? Hurt me? You already did that. Here’s a copy from the brokerage house for the sale of half the stock you hid the money in, it was a joint account. There’s copies of the papers my lawyer has ready to go to the IRS if you fight. It has been five years. Dinner, you know, eating?”

“Look, Syl, I don’t think ...”

“Your right, Stewart, you don’t think. Now get out. I’m so glad you never wanted kids. Daniel told me he does.”

“Daniel? Who the hell is ...”

“Rebecca’s brother, you met him.”

“That wuss! God, Syl, he’s a doofus ...”

“No, he’s kind and gentle, unlike you. Just go ...”

“But, ...”

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