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by Norman
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Life is but a dream
Got it made in the shade.
Yeah, life is but a dream.
A closer look reveals it’s not
as rosy as it seems.

Got a new job just last month,
a nice promotion too.
My forty-hour workweek is
now up to sixty-two.

Bought a new car recently
and it was rated tops.
Don’t get to drive it very much,
it’s always in the shop.

Found a new house that I love,
moved in it just last week.
Then it rained all yesterday.
The roof has sprung a leak.

Gave my girl a diamond ring.
She’s the apple of my eye.
But now she’s gone and who knows where.
So kiss that ring goodbye.

Think I’ll take the weekend off,
just lay right here in bed.
If I get any luckier,
I just might end up dead.

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