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by Jen
Rated: E · Fiction · Dark · #2172796
A couple spends the night supposedly haunted in Canterbury Hills can they make it out
I drove my Toyota Rave 4 candy red down highway I57 and 36 to Canterbury hills finding the haunted castle where my fiancé and me will spend the night. "Are we there yet?" I asked, impatiently pinching the bridge of my nose. Jasper opened the map and flipped through the pages pointing his finger to find the destination. "I think were lost, he said scratching his head. "Well, wonderful." "We need to find a place to ask for directions." Jasper kissed my cheek. "Don't worry honey, I '' will find a gas station or rest stop." He gave me a wink. We drove about twenty more miles and found a gas station off another dirt road near 49. Jasper walked into the gas station called "Happy Joe's."

I rolled down my passenger window, and yelled out at Jasper. "Sweetie, get me a diet coke to go." He waved to me in gesture that he was on it. Jasper got me a diet coke and him a strong coffee. He asked this burly guy with a five a clock shadow over his face directions on the map to Canterbury hills. "Uh-uh you can't miss the castle, you just stay on this road and go a few more miles its off the dirt road because it sets back hidden by the town square." He said nonchalantly. Jasper thanked him and got back in the car, and handed me my diet coke. "Babe, were almost there a few more miles off the dirt road off the town square." He smiled at me.

Jasper drove a few more miles like the gas station attendant said and the castle was hidden behind tall trees and up on a hill hidden in alcove off the town square. No people were around the grounds or lived even nearby. The castle was secluded in Canterbury hills and well hidden insight. "I don't know about this Jasper." I clutched his arm having a horrible feeling in my gut. " It will be okay, Babe." Jasper brushed his hand aside my cheek. We got out of the car, and walked up to the castle. The castle was very old with shudders in gray and broken hinges cobwebs everywhere along the side of the house. The door was gray off paint and need some repair work. Jasper turned the knob and we went inside. "I don't feel right about this, Jasper." I felt gravely ill as I entered the house. "Come on, Babe, don't get jittery on me." He grabbed my hand leading me to the front room where in the dark there was a sofa, loveseat, and centered coffee table covered with musty white sheets.

I took off my coat and Jasper and I looked around. It had a winding staircase that led to several other rooms on the top floor. I flipped on the light switch but no electricity. "The lady told us over the phone that everything was furnished, but no electricity?" I asked concerned with skepticism. "Well, maybe I should call her and see where We turn the lights on at," Jasper asked. He took out his phone to dial Cindy Peters who told them about the castle. "Uh, that's odd?" "What? No signal. I tried my cell phone just static and no signal either. This was odd and being trapped in a castle with no people nearby or communication over the phone. "What do we do?" I asked nervously biting my lower lip. "I'll check out the house downstairs there has to be a light panel to turn on the lights." Jasper said nonchalantly. "Your not leaving me up here alone are you?" I asked pulling my arms around his waist. "Okay, Babe. Will go down together."

We entered the downstairs it smelled musty and moldy with a lot of boxes hovered around, and old pictures of plain faces looking gruesome in the pictures. Jasper carried a little car flashlight for emergencies and flashed it around the downstairs looking for a light panel. "Ah-ah, her we go." "Here, Babe hold the light here to the panel so I can figure out the turn on switch." Then all of a sudden we heard a loud bang from above the front of the house. "What was that?" I held tighter on Jasper's arm shaking the flashlight in my grip. "Maybe it was a tree branch hitting the side of the house." "I don't think so, let's get back in the car and find somewhere else to stay."

"Babe, don't be a scaredy cat." Cindy Peters said this house was okay to stay for a couple of days." Besides, We would have to drive more hours away before we find a hotel." He rubbed my shoulders reassuring me. "I will protect you and keep you safe." Jasper played with the switches on the light panel but still no electrcity came on. "Must be a short or something." "Jasper, I don't feel right about this house something is wrong and I get a bad vibe about this house." I told him twisting my fingers through my hair when I get extremely nervous. "Will go back upstairs into the kitchen maybe some candles are lying around in the cabinets." He reassured me again. So, we went upstairs and looked into the kitchen and found some candles lying in the cabinet drawers.

Jasper took out his lighter from his pocket and lit the candles placing them on the coffee table in the front room. "Well, at least we have some light." He winked at me. "Great, I feel a little relived." But was still sure I wanted to get in the car and leave this place. We sat on the white sofa holding each other, when another loud bang came from top of the stairs. I gripped his shoulders tighter leaving a red mark. "Babe, easy on the grip." "I'm sorry, but I feel like something is trying to make us leave." I said raising my eyebrow. Jasper patted my hand and reassured me its just an old house unsettling. But the bang got louder, and louder with a blood curdling moan. "Now tell me what was that?" I asked yelling back. Jasper shouted back, "I don't know." He took my hand and we went upstairs to find out where the loud bang came from. Then the room went quiet only silence in the darkness. We went back downstairs and the candles blew out. Jasper let go of my hand and I stood in the darkness all alone. I yelled, Jasper where are you?" No answer. "Jasper, if you're playing a joke on me, it's not very funny." I heard a hellish blood curdling scream that came from Jasper and bang it quit.

I shivered standing in horror standing all alone in the darkness. I didn't know what to do or to run since Jasper might be dead. I took out his car flashlight and flashed it around the room and saw Jasper's coat on the sofa with blood stained on it. I cried, and cried asking God to take hold of me to get me out this evil place. Then another bang grew louder and louder getting closer to the front room trying to take me like Jasper. I flipped my flashlight in front of me and saw nothing. A loud blood curdling moan taunted me as I shrieked in terror. "Leave me alone!" I screamed as I tried to run to the door and get in the car.But there was a hold on the door blocking me from getting out. I could'nt move, I froze. Was my fate to end like Jasper's did? No one could get out alive, and now lastly me.

But finally the silence grew quiet and I turned the knob again and finally got out. But I looked behind me as I stood on the steps and saw a ghostly spirit flying above the floor in the entrance way. It was Jasper. "Don't go Babe, we will be together forever." Then he turned into a dark eerie image with red eyes that put his ghostly arms out stretched at me. I ran down the steps and got into the Toyota rave 4 candy red and drove down the road out of sight. But felt I lost my fiance through this evil castle never to see him again.

© Copyright 2018 Jen (blueeyes50 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2172796