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by Jen
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Horror/Scary · #2172864
Some friends enter a grave yard cemetery on Halloween night to scare each other...

Jennifer Croy

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The Haunted Graveyard


Jennifer M. Croy


It was a cold dreary windy breeze on October 30th the night of Halloween Eve.

I dared my friends to walk Devil spawn cemetery with water stained and bulging with cracked or broken - stone, scraggly grass or rank weeds about it, and a feeling when you reach it, of abandonment. Spike- topped iron railings ran around part of the cemetery, a high brick wall around the rest of it. It was creepy, and all the gravestones were decay and the names on the gravestone is all too often impossible to read. "Are you scared?" Eli asked. "No," Meg corrected, "I'm not afraid of ghouls, ghosts, or rattling chains that go bump in the night." I told my friends Devil spawn cemetery is supposedly haunted. The spirits cast a shadow flying through the graveyard until after dark, giving the atmosphere an extra spooky feel. The heavy padlocks were chained to the gate door entrance of Devil spawn cemetery.

"Boo!" someone shouted behind me. I jumped and screamed as I felt my heart jump from my chest. "You almost gave me a heart attack," I complained to Ben. "It's Halloween. You should be scared." I let out a long breath and shook my head. No one was to enter the gates or desecrate the head stones. I avoided the corpse in the casket. Cemeteries were just a place to walk. I didn't think about what was happening under the earth when the souls left the earth.

They had been embalmed, although I didn't quite understand what that meant. I just knew that I saw them there lying stiff and full of something that made their cold skin feel disturbingly hard and waxy. Despite tales of deaths in graves and murder victims I found it fascinated. From embalmers to gravediggers to "taphophiles," the surprising things that can happen would wake even the dead. Many tales believe that ghosts haunt cemeteries, and the ones most likely to be hanging around are those that suffered or those seeking revenge. While most ghosts supposedly haunt the place where they died, others might just as easily be near their bodies, emerging confused and disoriented after the body is buried. I'd spent many sleepless nights dreaming walking through Devil spawn cemetery and spirits haunting my very soul. I was sure if I stepped on someone's grave, a ghost would hitch a ride home with me. The statues in the cemetery were eerie made of stone heads of spawn demons and devils with their tongues hanging out. I heard many stories of graveyards at night where you walked among the dead you never came back. I wanted to scare the pants off my three friends Ben Waterson, Eli Fields, and Meg Whisper. Ben had dark hair and brown eyes, Eli Fields had curly black hair and green eyes, Meg whisper red hair and freckles. We were still in school at Piedmont elementary 7th grade class. My name is Chloe Williams

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