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by K.HBey
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2173031
The technology means can greatly protect against robbing tentation or other criminal acts.
It is Sunday morning .The clock shows 5AM. Mustapha is a Turkish immigrant in France.He has got a store of featured accommodations and foods from Asia especially from Turkey. He did not sleep the entire night. He is extremely worried.
He looks forward to be at his store. The expected police call at 5Am30 has been cancelled by the police chef who declares to Mustapha that it is just a joke and nothing dangerous will happen in his store.

However Mustapha is still afraid. He goes to the store and opens it as usual. It is 6Am30 and smugglers do not come. Mustapha is not at ease.
A man who has got a respectable wealthy appearance and smart enters the store .
However he has got evil severe features, a great ancient scar on his right cheek and his hands are trembling.
He wants a box of cigarettes. He is wearing sun glasses, a black suit and gloves. He has got a suitcase. He speaks French very well.
What is there in his suitcase? Mustapha asking in silent and fear invades his spirit.

He brings cigarettes and at the cash register he opens his suitcase.
The man is just about to shoot a bullet from his silent gun towards Mustapha. Mustapha remains immobile and numb not knowing what to do against such criminal act.

However in such moment a quick sparkle from his memory lets him remember the alarm sets just under the counter .
He pushes it quickly and then in one second he is invisible.Indeed a window on the ground opens at the alarm signal and is quickly closed from inside giving again a ground appearance.

The robber is completely astonished. Finally he tries to get money from the cash register but it sends electric waves.Furious he leaves quickly. However a minuscule recorder at the cash register memorizes his identity.
Mustapha is safe and goes to the police again with the video when now the police should thrust him

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