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1. Fear continues to rule me. 2. Black energy, defined for me, not everyone
Finally! A mediation that didn't upset me. Those brain wave meditations might have jumbled up my mind. The meditations are extremely personal and possibly only makes sense to me. Maybe I'll write up an explanation later.

Begin meditation with no brain frequency assistance

cut puppet strings (releases me from the world)

I heard a command, maybe jump, and landed on something circular

leap led me to something resembling a stalactite hold tight, entire body hugging it.

launch to a stalactite and twirl

dream up your perfect house

leap into star field

why leap because my house is gone? No more color

color is only a human perception

you don't need it

what was the purpose

to be comfortable

erase fear

not possible keep working on this

found another word to replace [fear] but I don't remember.

Energy is low

The stars do not burn brightly all the way around

that's what we see

but every star has a fire burning only in the "front"

and has a barren spot behind it

kind of like a back porch

energy is nearly depleted while I search for a star that answers me back

finally found one that syncs with my energy field.

sustains human life

as expected, concept everything is linked is verified. (as much as my brain can accept)


Now the amazing part

What is black energy, I ask

Nothing but a term. I will show you dark energy

Rosicrucian ~ one interpretation. I am not of any religion, but I have practiced this meditation for at least 20 years. It spreads peace, and the changes are visible in those I include.

Precise description noted in a wiki link below.

This mediation is ingrained in me and is easy for me to grasp, although this is the first time I've encompassed such a large field.

surround your heart with the color of pink dawn. spread this color to others

I appear, stretch out my hand and reach my older daughter A.

I send hot pink rays to her as she need energy for work ~surround your heart with the pink dawn. spread this color to others.

A. sends energy to B. (younger daughter)

The circle is forming

I reach far to find my sister (J is my sister, who died in 1983)

not much left of her, but it's a comfort to hold her hand.

don't send that much energy to your sister B. I warn A.

A. sends only a pale pink to B.

J. is pure energy and she can recharge us

we're now joined hand in hand and forming a weightless circle

Why do we have form, I ask

You don't it's only your perception

I let go of the circle

become nothing.

how is that possible

you are now dark energy

what comes next?

You have evolved over 2 billion years, according to earth time, although time is only a concept

Where else can you take me?

Nowhere. I'm not any more evolved than you.

~~ Something new, unprompted, comes into my mind.

I remember a story I wrote about a girl who eventually will have a star filed to watch over.

Lots of readers asked me what that meant ~ link below if you're interested.

Now I have the answer that concludes the story linked below.


The star (meteor) fell to earth with a tiny bit of energy left. It wants to share with someone

I travel and find the star, but it's on the other side of a mountain I'm perceiving.

I hike all the way to the top and then all the way down the other side.

I absorb the energy.

I return to the field of stars,

which is nothing more than what a human being can perceive.

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Rosicrucianism~ Often considered as the earliest religious thinkers  

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