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An article depicting how the world leaders have abused Africa and her peoples.

Everyone may erroneously claim that this topic is ancient history, which in a sense it is, but the ripple effect is still being felt; especially as the world powers are introducing the New World Order and they are enforcing the Global Economy. Being a South African, I have experienced a lot of what has happened in Africa over the past sixty years, including the 1994 election of Mr. Nelson Mandela (Madiba), and the subsequent democratic government. This has been wonderful, however the African people, the actual black African people in the rural areas of Africa, have been abandoned.

Consider the following points.

1. In the 1600's British and European explorers arrived on African soil. Within fifty years, horrific crimes and human rights violations were committed against the people of Africa. They were enslaved, transported all over the world, sold and abused, whilst their families and fellow African people's land was taken and masses were trapped in encampments. These are facts.

2. Pretty soon their country’s natural resources, like gold, copper, silver, oil, etc., were mined and "sold" back to the European countries, such as England, at huge profits to the Europeans.

3. Agriculture boomed, vast areas of the land flourished under crops and livestock.

4. Cities and towns developed and the population, whose land and country this was, were offered work on farms and in the cities, for an absolute pittance.

5. The Africans were put to live in townships, outside the towns and cities, and in tiny apartments in compounds aside the mines.

6. The African people were introduced, or forced rather, into the Western lifestyle and economic way of life.
7. This is how it remained for hundreds of years.

8. Eventually separatism, or Apartheid, was formally introduced in South Africa, by law, and informally in most other African countries; and the people suffered even further under what was formally termed Separate Development.

I will not cover the facts about who benefited most from all of this in this note, but later in the series I will do so. The only benefits to these African people have been a Western, or civilized and formalized system of education and better health care. Some might say they have benefited from becoming Christian. In every other sense they were abused, exploited in terms of cheap labour, and they have been abandoned.

Take special note here: the African people were not given an option to continue their cultural lives as they had lived before; they were literally taken hostage, their land and counties stolen from them, all in the name of autocracy, and eventually religiosity. This genocide and humanitarian abuse is akin to a horror story; invade, kill, capture, control, send in the missionaries to heal and preach, exploit the people and their economic resources, and then withdraw completely 300 to 400 years later.

New World Order Aid

Now that The New World Order is almost entrenched and the G8 countries are funding the poorer countries, the Global Economic Forum is in tow with the World Bank and World Monitory Fund, a new World Government is currently being shuffled into place, prospects are seemingly looking up for these impoverished African people. One wonders whether this will ever fully recompense for the sins of the British and European forefathers who colonized Africa back then. Not true, I'm afraid. The people might receive handouts, on which they might survive for a number of years, but they do not have a clue about, and will not be able to benefit from Global Trade, or function prosperously within the Global Economy. The people of Africa have been left “high and dry”.

Rural Development in Africa

This is why I am starting a Rural Economic Project throughout Africa, which will develop local economies within rural communities, teaching the people how to run their own businesses, thereby keeping their money circulating within their own people’s hands far longer, which will grow their own economies and support infrastructures. Thus also enabling them to develop social support groups for the children, the sick and the elderly so that they may all live happy, secure and prosperous lives.
Once these local economies are active and bedded down, we will gradually introduce the people to the benefits of international trade within the Global Economy and set them up to benefit from it; but only under the condition that they first have a sustainable economic, social and civil infrastructure - up front.

All thoughts are welcomed and appreciated.

Vaughan Jones.
ONE Life-Love-Energy
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