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Crash and Socket still haven't sold and Halloween is upset
Chapter 5

Socket was desperate to sell Genie's book. He had made multiple copies and put a sticky note with "$1" written on it on each copy to help identify the price. Still, nobody had entered the attic to buy anything at all. The humans wouldn't have noticed, anyway, since they rarely went up there themselves.
"I can't take it anymore!" Socket howled. "It's been a complete month since we've set up shop and nothing has been sold! Mom is going to be furious!"
"What about Halloween?" Crash asked. "Aren't you worried about her?"
"What does Halloween have to do with this?" Socket asked.
"Halloween takes her writing very seriously," Crash said, "And if she has the slightest feeling that any of her work isn't doing so well, she becomes even scarier than she looks."
Just then, Socket felt a pair of green lidded cat eyes glaring at him from behind. He turned around to face none other than Halloween.
"Melda told me you haven't sold any books yet," Halloween said in a low, threatening tone that matched her haunting features but not her size.
"I told you Melda knew about it!" Socket whispered to Crash.
"Silence!" Halloween bellowed, sounding like an evil sorceress in a fairy tale. "Let's assess the problem here. You have more than enough copies available for sale, and everyone can see them," she pointed to the "Featured" bookshelf that displayed multiple copies of her book. "And you even have advertisement! That conniving a**hole Duchess could not have gotten in here to f*ck things up like she usually does because you clearly put up a "No Dogs Allowed" sign, so why the f*ck has nothing been sold yet?!"
"Human visitors aren't allowed in the attic," Socket murmured.
"Duchess probably has something to do with this," Halloween growled, baring her pointy white canines.
"A-are you sure Duchess has anything to do w-with this?" Crash stuttered.
"I'm pretty d*mn sure," Halloween said. "She's always trying to f*ck things up for us. I'll handle this myself. You boys will just get yourselves kicked out." She put extra emphasis on "boys" to make sure Crash and Socket knew they were not allowed inside the office for Crash having been neutered too late and Socket not having been neutered at all. She strutted downstairs into the office as Socket and Crash watched.
Once Halloween was gone, Crash whispered to Socket, "Let's be sure to never piss off Halloween again."

The next few hours, Daniella, the meanest human at the barn, was running amuck the office screaming and waving around a piece of paper in the other humans' faces.
"Who wrote this?!" she screeched. In front of their faces, she shoved a piece of paper that read, "Visiting humans- Come up to the attic. We have a bookstore. Also, make sure Duchess doesn't get in. She eats pants." "Who wrote this lie about my dog?!!"
"For the last time, Daniella," interjected John, a man who looked to be in his mid-sixties, "She's not your dog."
"Shut it, Dad!" Daniella snapped back before running up to Amelia, the woman at the front desk who had raised Halloween since she was a kitten. "Now tell me, you b*tch! Tell me why you would write this lie!" She shoved the note in Amelia's face.
Amelia took a deep breath; Daniella really, and really, got on her nerves. "I have no clue what you're talking about, and I certainly did not write that," she said. "By the way, do not ever talk to me like that again."
"You're lying!" she screeched. "It had to have been you! Look at the signature!" She pointed to a signature at the bottom that read "Halloween". "Isn't that the creepy cat you hang around all the time?!!"
"That's it," Amelia snapped. "When you talk bad about my cat, that's when you've crossed the line. Now get out!"
Daniella screamed and stormed out of the office.
Amelia picked up the note. She swore she did not remember writing it at all. In fact, she was positive that she hadn't wrote it, for she never paid Duchess any mind since she never thought the old mutt was worth the trouble. Amelia looked toward Halloween, who was sitting complacently in loaf position on the back windowsill, her only visible facial feature being her bright green eyes. For some reason, Halloween looked like she had been up to something.

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