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A story about a puppy who was given incorrect advice about humans.
Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was a kingdom that was ruled by dogs. Not only were dogs the rulers, all the subjects were dogs, too.

One day, a puppy was out in the forest with his mother and brothers and sisters. Every afternoon, this puppy's mother would take him and his siblings into the forest to play. The puppy, who was named Albert, loved to roam around, sniffing all the marvellous scents that the forest provided. There were flowers and insects and the scents of so many things he couldn't identify. Albert wanted to meet all the animals that he smelled. There were raccoons and oppossums and deer. There were other dogs, as well as cats from the neighboring kingdom.

The forest smelled of wood and grass and dew and manure and many other scents. But it was the one scent that he couldn't identify that confused him. He asked his mother about the scent. His mother took a sniff and appeared alarmed. She said the scent was from a human. His mother told Albert that humans were to be avoided at all costs. She told how the humans had enslaved all the dogs, at one point, and it took centuries before they could reclaim their kingdom. Albert's mother made the humans sound terrifying. He imagined them as furless dogs as big as a tree. His daydreams became nightmares when thinking of humans.

As time passed, however, the scent of the human faded and life returned to normal. Of course, as happens in life, Albert grew bigger and stronger each day. On his, and his siblings' first birthday, a great celebration was held to celebrate their coming of age. For a one year old is no longer a puppy, but fully grown. It was time for Albert and his siblings to make their own way in the world. All Albert's siblings wanted to stay in the village where they had been born.
Albert, on the other hand, had always had the spirit of adventure about him. He decided to take a sabbatical wandering the forest for a few months before finding a wife and settling down.

As luck would have it, Albert found a wonderful place to live. In the middle of the forest, he found a hollow tree that had been blown down by a wind storm. It would keep him dry when it rained and shelter him from the cold winds of winter. Albert decided to move in immediately.

Every day, Albert would wander through the forest, sniffing all the scents and eating whatever he found that suited his taste buds. One morning, though, Albert recognised a scent that he had not smelled for nearly a year. A human! Albert was frightened by the scent because he remembered his Mother's tales of slavery and mistreatment. The scent was close to his home, so Albert moved. His next home wasn't as nice. It was a cranny between a cliff and a fallen tree. The cliff kept him dry and the wind was held at bay by the tree, but he didn't feel as safe as hed did in the hollow tree.

A few days later, as Albert was wandering the forest, sniffing the flowers that were so fragrant, he heard a sound very close by. He looked up and saw his very first human. His mother had told him that humans had puppies, too. They were bigger than dog puppies but these human puppies were just as dangerous as the full grown humans.

Albert stood, looking at this human puppy. He was big. He must have stood fifteen paws tall! And the most frightening thing of all, he was eyeing Albert! Albert was terrified. He was frozen in his tracks. He couldn't move. Even if he could have moved, Albert wouldn't have known what to do. He doubted that he could out run such a gigantic creature.

The human puppy eased himself on the ground and held his paw toward Albert. Albert could smell the scent, even from three feet away! But, the human puppy didn't have the scent of fear. Albert could smell his own fear, as the human puppy reached closer. In one quick motion, Albert felt himself being lifted from the forest floor. Albert began to squirm, trying to loosen himself from the huge paw that held him. He yelped in fear as he struggled. Yet, the human puppy didn't fight backor try to hurt him.

Instead, the human puppy brought Albert close to his breast and held him tenderly, while rubbing Albert's fur. Albert thought that the tenderness was much like his mother's. Albert stopped his struggles and abandoned himself to his fate. He knew he should have stayed close to the village for protection, but now his fate was sealed.

The human puppy regained his feet and lifted Albert to an incredible height. Albert snuggled closer to the human pup, hoping that he wouldn't fall. As the human puppy walked toward the end of the forest, he softly stroked Albert's fur. The human whispered unintelligible sounds to Albert as he walked. It seemed as if time had stopped for Albert. He was scared, yet something didn't seem right. Albert's mother had said that humans were cruel. Yet, this human puppy was not.

In what seemed only a moment, more humans appeared. They were true giants, some more that two times the size of the human puppy that had captured him. The human puppy made sounds directed at the large humans, who made sounds back. Two large humans led the human puppy to a large wooden structure of some kind. Once inside this structure, with no visible means of escape, Albert was placed on the dirt floor. Albert was too afraid to move.

One of the larger humans brought a hollowed out shell of some kind that was filled with water. Another shell had something that smelled sort of like food, only hot. The human puppy slowly pushed the shell of water toward Albert. He cautiously took a drink. It was water, not some potion that they used to enslave dogs. Albert drank it all. The food was eased towards Albert and he ate all that the shell held. Day after day, the shells returned with more food and water. The human puppy rolled a ball for Albert to play with.

As time went on, Albert began to recognise the meanings of some of the sounds that the humans made. He learned "come", "sit" and "stay." And as Albert adapted to the ways of the humans, and the humans adapted to the ways of Albert, a mutual understanding arose between them. The humans didn't want to enslave the dogs. They wanted the dogs for companions. In exchange for the food and water, Albert tried to fit in. He played with the human puppy, and sometimes with the puppy's parents.

And, as time heals all wounds, time also allowed Albert and his humans to become a family. They cared for one another and looked out for each other. It took Albert several years before he thought about the kingdom of the dogs again. He wondered if they all had the wrong idea about humans. Albert knew that humans were just like dogs in that all they want is enough food and water. All they want is to be loved.

And as Albert aged, he realised how terribly he would miss the humans if he didn't see them again. He wondered how the dogs in his former kingdom could all be wrong. Albert didn't have many thoughts like that, though. He enjoyed watching his human puppy grow to gigantic size. He enjoyed the warm fire and the dry floor.

Albert and the humans grew to love one another, as they grew older. And Albert wondered how he could live without them. Albert wasn't a slave. He wasn't mistreated. He was loved and he loved his humans. Especially the human puupy that brought him to this paradise from the forest.

Albert was an especially old dog, when his grown up human puppy brought another human puppy to see him. It was the puppy's puppy. Albert had become a Granddog.And as Albert grew old, his humans treated him better and better each day. He was so grateful that his puppy had found him and brought him to this life of luxury.

He wished every dog knew what he knew.

A human is dog's best friend.
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