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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Comedy · #2173652
Crash and Socket have to make a sale by Black Friday, but they get into an argument
Chapter 6

Melda glared at Crash and Socket disappointedly. Her crossed blue eyes were narrowed and her tongue stuck out as if it were about to grow a face with another disappointed expression.
Crash and Socket glanced at each other nervously.
"Why have you not sold anything yet" Melda asked.
"I told you she was gonna be p*ssed," Socket whispered to Crash.
"I am p*ssed, and you wanna know why?" Melda asked.
"I know we haven't sold anything," Crash tried to reason with her. "We tried. We really did. We got new books from other cats, we advertised, we even made a sign to keep Duchess out in case she tries to mess anything up. We understand if you're upset; Halloween's upset, too. Yesterday, she came up to us screaming like a banshee- "
"Leave Halloween out of this!" Melda snapped, baring her canines that had been yellowed from age and stood out more due to her missing her front teeth from a tooth infection. Crash and Socket jumped back in horror. "You two clearly aren't trying enough. You're relying too much on others. You two got help from both Oz and Halloween. This is supposed to be your project and your project alone. I want you two to settle your differences yourself. By Black Friday, I want at least ten books sold. If this goal isn't reached, I'm taking away your Writing.com subscriptions."
"What?!!" the two brothers gasped. "But we set up the bookstore, and we worked hard on it! You said you'd only take our subscriptions away if we didn't do it!"
"Well, I'm changing the rules," Melda said, "Because apparently, you two aren't taking this seriously enough. Remember: ten books sold by Black Friday or you can kiss both of your Writing.com subscriptions goodbye." She then walked back downstairs to the office.
"Mom is so wrong," Crash said to Socket. "We are totally taking this seriously."
"So true," Socket agreed. "Business has just been slow is all."
"You know what our problem is?" Crash said.
"What?" Socket asked.
"We're relying on the humans to buy our books," Crash answered. "They don't understand what we're trying to tell them, let alone know that we're doing this at all."
"But we advertised," Socket said back.
"I know," Crash affirmed. "But our efforts are being ignored because the humans at the barn won't allow other humans who visit into the attic, and it wouldn't be of any use to have the humans here buy our books since the money they'll be buying them with belongs to the barn as a whole, so their transactions won't mean anything."
"I don't think Mom cares who buys the books," Socket argued.
"Even if that were the case, the humans won't buy from us because we can't communicate with them," Crash countered. "Even if we try to use their language to get to them, they'll ignore us for their own rules."
"That's a good point," Socked admitted, "When you put it like that, it makes sense. But what about Duchess? She hates us and will do anything to sabotage our project. Didn't you see how she tore Oz's book to shreds, and not to mention in front of his face? That book was important to Oz."
"Duchess may be a b*tchy little pain in the a**," Crash agreed, "But she doesn't have as much power, either. She's a dog. Like us cats, she can't communicate with humans the same way, either."
"She still has more power than us, though. She's much bigger than us."
"Most of us. Oz is totally bigger than her. Plus, he hates her with a burning passion and will not hesitate to claw her eyes out and then possibly eat them depending on hungry he is."
"We can't get help from Oz anymore. In fact, we can't get help from anyone. Remember what Mom said?" Socket reminded Crash.
"That's just in terms of running the bookstore," Crash answered. "If Oz wants to defend the establishment, then he has every right to do so."
"Crash," Socket's anxiety was rising. "Defending the establishment from a**holes like Duchess is part of running the whole thing. Look, I see where you're going with this, but Mom said she'd take away our Writing.com subscriptions, and I really want to keep mine."
"What about me?" Crash asked.
"What about my subscription," Crash elaborated, "Don't you care about mine, too?"
"Not my writing, not my problem, alright?" Socket responded sarcastically. "Can't you worry about yours while I worry about mine?"
"Try not to make this about yourself again, Socket," Crash sighed.
"Oh, so now we're going back to that lame excuse: everything is always about me!" Socket bellowed angrily.
"Don't start this again, Socket," Crash replied, trying to keep his cool. "Mom is downstairs and can probably hear us."
"Stop telling me what to do!" Socket shouted. "You probably don't care if I get my subscription taken away!"
"Well, you don't seem to care about mine, either!" Crash shouted back.
"Who's making this about themselves now?!"
"Shut up, Socket!"
"Don't tell me to shut up!"
"You know what?!!" Crash said, huffing and puffing with rage. "I'm gonna go take a nap."
"Like you always do?" Socket remarked. "Why don't you take action in solving a problem instead of sleeping on it like you always do?"
"Just- not now. Come back to me when you've come to your senses."
"Fine." Socket stormed downstairs while Crash curled up tightly into a ball, taking deep breaths to calm himself down so he can sleep.

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