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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Short Story · Experience · #2173657
A bank credit has been allowed to me according to the received message but....
Yesterday I received a message from my bank. "Please would you be present at the CBC bank next Monday". The motif: "100.000.00US dollars as a credit allowed to you".

What is the nature of this credit? I could not sleep all the night thinking about it. Indeed, two years ago I requested for a credit but it was rejected. The present message bears the logo of the bank, the stamp and the signature of the boss.

At six O'clock I get up early. I arrive to the bank and a full astonishment invades my spirit. "Hello! Welcome! The boss says when I enter his office. You have been selected from our customers list. You have obtained then a credit from our bank. As you are allowed to choose the short or long duration mode of the refund. Congratulations! "

I go to the cashier who gives me the enormous amount of money. I cannot imagine it is mine now. I open another bank account and put it all in it.

I go home and put a list of things I want to purchase. I call for a new car command, a Japanese one. Somehow it is expensive but I deserve it after all such long years work. As I have spotted a beautiful apartment on line within a luxurious quarter. It is wide and designed with a professional touch. The place is quiet and most people there are intellectuals and educated. The day after, I do a command of it. I have also listed all the needed means which are in lack in my work. I do not forget to conceive an amount of money for my family.

The next week and before paying fees I receive a message from my bank. It is in red, urgent one. It is said "sorry it is just a scam".

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