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by JJ Del
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2173898
About Lexis West and her Time Travel Mission.
“Are you one hundred percent sure that you want to send Lexis West on this mission?” Storm asks.

“Absolutely positive.” Ash replies.

“This mission is extremely sensitive and very dangerous. Lexis is your sister. Do you really want to place her at risk?” Storm says.

“I must have an Elite Time Runner on this mission because of the danger and the sensitivity. Lexis is the only one that I can trust to accomplish this mission.” Ash says with an edge.

“You don’t trust anyone Ash not even your sister. You have told me this before.” Storm says.

“I trust her ability to complete missions.” Ash says and he knows he is getting furious.

“I don’t like this at all. I don’t agree with sending her.” Storm says flatly.

“Storm, you are only my assistant. Nothing you say will change my mind about this. You only care about this because of your insane crush on Lexis.” Ash says.

“I think Lexis is attractive but that is it.” Storm fires back at Ash.

“You have a massive crush on her and I know this and so does Lexis.” Ash says.

“Lexis knows?” Storm asks.

“Of course she does. Lexis will never like you. She only tolerates you because you are my assistant and that is it.” Ash says to Storm.

“She might change her mind.” Storm says hopefully.

“No she won’t. Trust me I know my sister. Lexis finds you creepy and disgusting.” Ash says.

“I don’t believe you.” Storm says and his feelings have been hurt.

“I want you to contact Flint Campbell so he can retrieve Lexis when she comes in from her mission.” Ash orders.

“Lexis has been on seven missions back to back with no down time. This is a serious issue.” Storm warns Ash.

“That does not matter Storm. This mission is top priority. I have no choice but to send her.” Ash tries to remain calm.

“Send one of your other Time runners.” Storm suggests.

“I must have an Elite Runner on this mission and I only have one Elite Runner.” Ash says.

“Please give her the down time that she so desperately needs.” Storm begs.

“We cannot afford the time for her to rest.” Ash firmly says to Storm.

“I am against this.” Storm says.

“I don’t care. That does not matter right now. Call Flint Campbell like I asked.” Ash says and he is at his limit with Storm and his antics.

“No.” Storm says.

“I thought you would say that.” Ash replies.

Ash has had it with Storm Adams. Ash knows he has to do something about Storm and he runs though options in his head. Ash knows what he must do. Ash reaches into his top left hand draw and he brings out his pistol with a silencer on the end of it. Ash aims the pistol at Storm’s chest. Storm’s eyes widen and tears leap from Storm’s brown eyes. Storm does not want to die especially this way. Storm begs Ash not to shoot him and Ash only laughs like a madman.

Ash continues to aim the gun at Storm’s chest. When Ash has heard enough of Storm’s begging and his cries Ash pulls the trigger on the pistol. The bullet strikes Storm in the middle of Storm’s chest and Storm cries out for the final time. Storm falls to the ground as blood splatters every where.
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