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Socket reads Genie's book
Chapter 16

Halloween trotted upstairs into the attic with several copies of Genie's book in her mouth.
"Genie has a book for you she wants on sale," Halloween announced.
She dropped a copy in front of Socket. He picked it up and looked at the cover. The title read "A Boy and a Girl: A Story About Forgiveness in True Love". Beneath the title was a picture of two round-headed cats encircled by a large heart shape. The cat on the left was a cross-eyed narcoleptic like Socket, and the cat on the right was a brown and white cat with a ring around its mouth that made it look as if it had dipped its snout in chocolate pudding, much like Genie.
Socket turned to the first page. "I have known Socket since I was young," Socket began reading. "When I became a couple years older, that was when he and I decided we had feelings for each other. This is when things got controversial in our relationship. My grandmother was a Siamese, and Socket, along with his brother, were her sons. I don't know which of the two was my father, but I did know that, either way, I was in love with a family member a generation above me. This does seem controversial, even creepy, especially from the human perspective, but we are cats. Cats are animals, and animals don't have the same sense of morality as humans; many animal species, especially cats and dogs, will mate with their own kin without thought. Besides, it wasn't like we cared at all what others thought."
"Okay, we'll have to advertise that one as a book for cats," Crash said, a little weirded out.
Socket continued to the next page. "Socket and I were always close and happy. We were always in each other's company."
Socket turned the page. "However, things didn't stay perfect for long. As an unneutered male, Socket needed action- action I couldn't provide as a spay. Cali, however, had yet to be spayed, so he turned to her to provide him with what he needed. I happened to catch the two in the act. I was heartbroken. I had lost my faith and trust in him. This is when I decided to break up with him.
"Weeks passed, and Socket and Cali gave birth to a litter of kittens. I began to despise these children of hers as they served as reminders of Socket's infidelity. I refused to step foot in the office where they resided.
Socket paused for a moment, taking what he read in. He knew Genie didn't get along with his kids; not only had she refused to be in the same building as them, as the book stated explicitly, but she had also told him straightforward that she didn't ever want to meet them. After understanding why, he began to feel guilty.
"Go on," Halloween said.
Socket snapped back to attention and continued reading. "I had been bitter about it for years, even though he had let it go for a long time. I only tolerated his presence then. When I was at my worst, I would hiss at him to go away.
"Little did I know that he didn't just come back to me because of his wandering male hormones, but because he still cared. In order for me to understand how he felt all those years that I'd shoved him away, I had to experience that same feeling he felt.
"I was in the forest preserve with my friend, Halloween, when a hawk stopped us in our path."
"Wow," Halloween said. "I had no idea she even mentioned me."
"You didn't read the book beforehand?" Crash asked.
"Honestly, no," Halloween answered. "I just took the finished copy and brought it over here hoping for the best. Besides, Socket should have the first and only opinion since this is about him. You may continue reading, Socket."
Socket continued where he left off on the page. "The hawk claimed to know Halloween from the time he picked her up, thinking she was a rabbit; he even said that she broke one of his talons while worming her way out. He was very upset and threatened Halloween. Halloween was my friend; I didn't want her to get hurt, so I chased the hawk away.
"Halloween misinterpreted my actions and got mad at me, saying "[I didn't] believe she could handle it on [her] own." I felt hurt. It was at this moment that I finally knew how Socket felt. Like him, I had acted too quickly, and now, because the person who was important to me misunderstood my actions, I ended up getting hurt.
"It was actually Socket who consoled me at this low point in my friendship with Halloween. He told me to give her time and wait for her to think things through and learn to understand my motives. I took this advice, considering there was nothing else I could do."
"She remembers," Socket said.
He then continued reading. "I did as he suggested and waited. A couple days later, Halloween came and apologized to me, and our friendship was stronger than ever. As Halloween learned from this situation, I learned the same thing as well; I wrote this book as a means of apologizing to Socket for refusing to understand his motives so we can bring our relationship back stronger than it ever was before."
Socket gently placed the book down on the floor after closing it. "Halloween," he asked, "Where's Genie?"

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