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The story is about a Kitty named April that is mischievous.
There once was a kitty named April she was a mischievous one always getting into things and being a nuisance more then

anything. April would meow and meow if she wanted to get attention, or get her way which was usually always. I am the owner of

the kitty, and let me tell you April kept me pretty busy. This one particular day April was meowing, meowing I did not see her and

wondered where she might be. She was fed had lots of food in her dish, lots of water, her litter I just had changed and yet

she was still meowing, now she was missing also. I did not see April but I could hear her meow I went to search for my

poor kitty that was stuck and lost. My heart went out to my kitty she had really done it now gotten into something it was her first time

to. I looked around the apartment but could not find her. I was calling her April, April all over again and again still there was nothing

and it was beginning to worry me.

I was starting to get panicky, my heart fluttering like butterflies flying all over the place in my tummy. I told myself I must not

panic, because I had to be strong for April. When I went around the closet door by the hallway I heard her meowing more profusely.

and more clearer. I knew that I had found April she had stuck herself in the closet when she came out she meowed and meowed.

It was almost like she was telling me off or saying, its about time. April had come out of the closet like nothing had happened and

continued to make her meowing even more pronounced. It was like not a mishap had happened and she went straight for her

food dish.

When April came out of the closet after I let her out I thought that this would be a one time thing she would not get locked in

the closet again. This would be the last time she would get stuck in the closet when I put April down she scurried off. I knew where

she was going on another new adventure. Where this time her antics would probably amuse me even more greatly but she was

such a sweet kitty that my heart could not stay uptight for long.

I picked her up and gave her some loving she purred in return at my affectionate pets and I knew that she would probably get

into more things. Which was what April world consisted of getting into things without batting an eyelash and acting like she was the

cats meow. It appeared to be that way in her own little world and as long as I had April I knew that my world was not going to be so

dull but actually rather quite entertaining and interesting as well.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2174102