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by Linz
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2174417
After his wife died, Mike needs some gentle encouragement to get back into society.
The pub was alive with animated conversation and laughter until the door opened. The buzzing of a single fly that fretted at the far window could be clearly heard over the silent room. Everyone turned and stared. Mike ran his hand through his brown hair, gripped it, and tugged gently.
"I can't. . . I can't do this!"
Martha, his sister placed a steady, reassuring hand on his back. "Yes, you can. She'd have wanted you to get back out there."
"The last time I was in this bar, Jenny had just. . ." He left the sentence finished.
Martha nodded, blue eyes full of sympathy.
"Mikey!!" That was Rick, Jenny's brother. "What are you having? My round."
Mike licked his lips as he gazed around the room. All of his friends were there. He shook his head.
"It's too soon," he said. He headed out into the cool night and sucked in deep lungfuls of refreshing air. Martha's red dress swished as she followed him to the bench.
"It's been six months, Mike."
Her brother nodded as he stared at the bushes on the far side of the car park. "I don't think I'll ever drink again."
Ricky came out and pulled his brother-in-law to his feet. "Come on, bro. We have a pint with your name on."
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