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Does the sun contribute to a better day?
My older son had a Dr's appt. today and it was cold, but the sun was out. Just a couple of days ago it was snowing and the skies were grey. Today it was sunny and bright with blue skies. I never know how my son will do at the Dr's. He is an adult with special needs and he is used to going to the doctor. but sometimes I get nervous about how it will go. And on days where the sky is cloudy and especially rainy or snowy days, he isn't as happy. So that is why I was especially glad today was a nice one for his appt.

Thankfully, my son had a good appt. even though he had to have an echocardiagram. He is autistic and I thought he might get antsy during the process but he did well. And in the waiting room beforehand, he was all smiles at the man who was taking the insurance information. The man's name was Charles and he was very nice. The waiting room was empty of people and had nice big windows. My son does not always do well in crowded waiting rooms, so I was glad. There was also a strange and funny moment when we passed a bunch of medical personnel as Charles was walking us to the waiting room. It looked like they were surrounding a body on a gurney that they were wheeling down the hallway. The person, from a distance, did not seem very well. Their face was an odd color and I wondered what could be wrong with them. As I got a closer look the face looked plastic and its eyes were rolling everywhere. We then realized it was just a dummy for the medical trainees, but it gave us a good laugh because we were not expecting to see that!

I can't help but wonder if weather can't influence the mood and actions of others. Everyone we encountered at the doctor's office was in good spirits. I have to say that is often not the case. Was everyone glad that the snow was melting and the sun was out? Were they happy about the upcoming holidays? Were the planets aligned just right to help things go like they should? Who knows.

I am grateful that the appt. went well; I had been dreading it. Hopefully there will be many more sunny days this fall and winter ahead. It will make the cold weather seem a little more bearable.
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