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A young witch wants to abandon her powers
As I looked around the main room of the mini castle that my family owned in England, I saw many disappointed faces. My name is Blondie and I am the teenage witch of a family of older witches. I was summoned to a meeting by my family to find out why I no longer wanted to use witchcraft.

I chose other ways of doing things because witchcraft was not necessary to me anymore. My new friends were mortal and I found their way of life to be much be easier and safer.

My Aunt Millie was a serious, no nonsense but pleasant witch. She's considered to be the head of our family so what she says goes. Aunt Millie makes all of the important decisions and pretty much keeps everyone in line. She flew across the room and said, "Blondie, come on a little trip with me. I promise you'll enjoy it."

I stared at her for a moment and said, "What are you up to Aunt Millie?"

With a sly grin and a wave of her hand, we were airborne and looking down at the sights.

As we flew over London, I said, "Aunt Millie, the reason why I don't use witchcraft anymore, is because its dangerous and I'm afraid of getting caught using it!

Aunt Millie said, "Don't get me wrong Blondie. I understand perfectly well what you're saying but being careful is the key. Witchcraft can be dangerous if not used with discipline and plain old common sense. I want you to accept who you are and realize that you are a very special person."

Blondie knew that having powers had its perks; but most of the time she just wanted to be normal like her friends. She knew her aunt would take offense to what she was thinking, so she kept that thought to herself.

Aunt Millie guided them down to the grounds of a cemetery and they took a seat on the tombs. With a stern look she asked, "Blondie, what's the real reason why you want to stop using witchcraft? You're like my daughter and I know when you're keeping something from me."

Blondie slowly stood up, pointed to the tombs around them, and screamed, "It's this! All of this! I don't want to end up here before my time like my mother did. Rather than doing something harmful, I prefer not to use my powers at all!"

Aunt Millie hung her head and said, " Listen Blondie, I understand your fear but your mom died because she was reckless. She was my youngest sister and I tried my best to tame her but she was headstrong and would not listen. What you have to understand is that you're not her. You have a good head on your shoulders and if you're careful, you won't end up here for a long time."

They sat for what seemed like forever without saying a word. Finally the two of them got up and started ascending up toward the sky. Blondie had to admit that the little trip sent a rush through her body but she was not convinced about using her powers.

As they arrived back at the castle, everyone ran up to them questioning their whereabouts. Aunt Millie said, "Listen up everybody, Blondie is afraid to use her powers so I took her on a little trip to talk to her. We discussed how her mom met her unfortunate demise, and I told her that she didn't have to end up like her. Now, with a little help from all of us, maybe we can help her learn how to master the use of her powers. By doing this, hopefully, she won't feel so afraid anymore."

My Aunt Naomi was the oldest of our group. She came forth and said, "Being a witch is a good thing and it can be very useful from time to time. You may find yourself in a jam one day and you'll be thankful that those powers were there to get you out of that jam. Now I know we can be a little pushy, but we love you and we're only trying to steer you in the right direction. Look Blondie, your powers don't have to be used on a daily basis and we can teach you how to control and conceal them. All we ask is that you don't abandon them completely. We want you to accept who you are and be proud of it!"

Aunt Millie thought that this was a good compromise. The family would not lose their most precious teenage witch and Blondie could continue to be around her friends undetected as a witch.

After an hour of talking and negotiating, Blondie said, "Okay! I'll agree not to abandon my powers completely if everyone will stick to the agreement. I want to be tutored on how to control my powers, but I also want to be able to live my life the way I want to."

As everyone shook their heads and agreed, Blondie smiled and then surprised them by flying around the room three times. Her family applauded and cheered as she made her way to the front door and left to meet her friends.

Blondie knew that there were other ways of doing things, but she had to admit that although dangerous, witchcraft was fun.

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