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Socket wrote a Christmas romance for Genie
Chapter 32

"I finished," Socket said.

"Can I read it?" Genie asked.

"Sure," Socket agreed. He slid the pile of papers to Genie.

Genie read the cover. It read, "A Foot Under the Mistletoe". Underneath the title was a drawing in red and green crayon of a feline couple kissing under s sprig of mistletoe, one of the cats with bandages around its foot.

Genie turned to the first page. "Socket Sheperdson was a professional writer. He was good at his job. Not only was he talented, but he was also punctual and released new work very often, sometimes even earlier than scheduled. For this, along with his incredible works, Socket was celebrated greatly by the masses.

"This career and his approach to it also earned him the love of his life, Genie. Genie was a beautiful brown and white tabby with piercing green eyes; she was short but athletic and feisty. She was drawn to writers and had dated many, but she ended up leaving them all due to finding out they were either just mere interns who claimed to be writers or lazy j***offs who only kept ahold of their position by a thread for either the money or the clout.

"Socket, however, was different. He was not only passionate about his work, but he was honest about it as well. He also made time for her as well, despite being very busy due to being a major figure in the natural world. He would share his ideas with her and make the most of every hour he was away at work, so he could have as much time with Genie as possible to spend in between projects.

"One day, an accident occurred. While on his way home to his luxury suite in New York City, Socket was jumped by a robber. He scuffled with the robber in self-defense but had lost when the criminal knocked him down and then crushed his foot by stepping on it. He then took advantage of Socket's immobility by stealing his wallet, which contained his phone, I.D., credit card, and apartment keys and running off. Socket couldn't chase after him and was left lying cold, in pain, and miserable.

"Luckily, a kind old woman named Squeak noticed him and took him into her apartment. She prepared for him a bowl of hot chicken soup and asked him how he got injured.

"'I was robbed,' Socket answered. 'A rogue criminal crushed my foot and then ran off with my wallet and all my stuff. He has my phone, my apartment keys, my credit card, and my I.D. I don't know how I'll get them back.'"

"Squeak did everything in her power to get Socket's things recovered; it did take quite a while, though. In the meantime, Socket was absent from work for a long period of time without any means of communicating to anyone. He was in constant fear of losing his job and, even worse, losing Genie as well. He worried that she would be too stricken with disappointment to keep going with him. She had known him to be so diligent and timely that she could never imagine nor excuse him for missing a day of work unexcused.

"In a week's time, Socket was strong enough to stand up and move around again, albeit on only one foot. The police had retrieved and delivered Socket's wallet with his belongings to Squeak's apartment, and Socket was sent off back to his building with a pair of crutches. Socket had difficulty getting around in the crutches when he first tried them, so Squeak stuck around to lead him to his apartment and mailbox.

"After checking his email and bank account, Socket sifted through his mail. Most of them were bills and coupon catalogs as usual, but he also noticed an invitation to a Christmas gala at the Prince George Ballroom. Only the best authors were invited to this gala. Socket opened the rich red envelope, unfolded the invitation, and read it. The gala was tomorrow. Socket had not RSVPed while with Squeak, but he had to show up; it would make him seem undedicated if he didn't.

"Socket showed up at the party in a light blue tuxedo, which was the only thing he could find in his closet on such short notice that matched the formal dress code. Socket felt out of place among the other writers; they were all dressed elegantly whereas he looked like he should've been hosting the holiday special of 'The Price is Right'. He did not bring his crutches. He could still not figure out how to use them, so he decided to just knuckle up and walk without a support instead. Besides, he had on a boot to keep himself from damaging his foot further.

"Genie was standing across the room, a glass of sparkling champagne in her white paw. She wore a sparkling red dress that complemented her green eyes. She looked toward Socket. Socket's eyes widened in nervousness. He was afraid of what Genie might say to him when she saw him at the gala after a full week of unexcused absences.

"However, Genie was more patient with him than he had expected. She had asked him where he was the whole time. Socket told her the whole story: how he got robbed, how he got his foot hurt in the process, and how Squeak took him in and cared for him while he was recovering.

"'I'm glad you're okay,' Genie said.

"Socket asked if he still had his job. 'I called the company while you were away,' she answered. 'I figured they might have been worried about you, too.'

"'Thank you, Genie,' Socket said.

"Genie purred delightedly. She swung him out of his chair and underneath a nearby sprig of mistletoe. It was at this moment that their lips locked, and everything stood still. It was also at this moment that Socket became one-hundred percent sure that this woman was an absolute keeper."

Tears of joy streamed down Genie's eyes. "That was beautiful," she said.

"Thanks," Socket purred.

"You don't mind if I keep it, do you?" Genie asked.

"Go right ahead," Socket answered. "Consider it an early Christmas gift."

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