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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Essay · Comedy · #2175010
Hidden love which is not exposed or too late

Charlie was an old man of eighty five. He worked at the coal mine for forty years. He had always been in love with Samantha. He saw her for the first time at the lake. She caught his eyes till he failed to declare to her that he loved her at the first glance. Then he fell down in the lake. When he got out of the lake he was fully wet. He did not want that Samantha saw him in such state. She smiled and her cheeks got reddish. She noticed that the man bore something in his heart for her.

Samantha was a post officer. She was a tall blond woman with beautiful blue eyes. When Charlie entered the post he used to see her. Such glance and such discrete smile betrayed him. He was in love. One day he looked at her when being at the door for leaving, he knocked his nose. Something in her had always mesmerized him strongly. Samantha smiled and was worried in the same time. Fortunately he got no injuries.

Five years passed Samantha noticed several hearts drawn on the walls and everywhere and in which both names were carved inside. She saw this for many times until she thought she got mad. The entire town was aware of their love.

One day, Samantha got bad news that her father was seriously ill. She left and both a pain and a strong silent love remained in her heart. Charlie saw her leaving and his heart was torn. Nevertheless he did nothing. He let her go. There was only a silent love which linked them. Samantha lost hope that one day, Charlie would declare his love for her. At the departure tears were in his eyes so he swept them with his tie. As he forgot to put on his shoes and put on instead sleepers.

Thirty years went, Charlie was still thinking about Samantha. Every woman he met was called Samantha. That is why he had got many troubles with them even though each time he apologized.

One day, she came back but she was a woman of seventy nine years. She was in good health in spite of being unable to walk. She was on a wheelchair.

Charlie got his heart in his throat just seeing her again. In his mind she still remained such pretty young lady even though being aware of her age.

This day such old man of eighty was decided finally to do what he couldn't do during thirty five years.

He went in full self-confidence for the first time in his life; to meet Samantha. He was a brown smart man. In spite of a prostatic adenoma he still preserved a good shape, even though getting aged. His black eyes were brightening as if he was a gentleman of thirty. Instead of putting an after shave cream he put past tooth. He was so excited. He bought an enormous bouquet of flowers but forgot it at the train station.

In hurry steps, he went to knock on the door of Samantha house. An old blond lady on wheelchair opened the door.

"Hi! Samantha I love you". Then his last two teeth were thrown away when he pronounced such words. Also he had a bladder block at this time and was greatly not at ease.
The old lady became just gray headed woman, without teeth and with a skeletal shape. She kept a glance with her glasses where her blue eyes met his black ones.
Even though her frail memory she arrived to recognize such a gentleman who loved her but had never unveiled his love. Tears were flooding her eyes. She said "I love you too silly". She lost the control of her wheelchair. When running to save her he lost his black wig. When he arrived and stopped the wheelchair, he found her already dead".

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