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by Norman
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Imagine a six-year-old on Thanksgiving day

We had just sat down to dinner
Everyone was there
Gramps and Grandma joined us
Just like every other year

In the middle of the table
Sat the turkey golden brown
It looked so very tasty
Though I couldn’t help but frown

If I were a turkey
And I’m glad that I’m not
I’d do all that I could
To stay out of that pot.

I’d move to Alaska,
I’d live up in Nome.
Do you think they eat turkey
That far from home?

I’d try to look different,
I’d wear a disguise.
I’d buy some dark glasses
To cover my eyes.

I’d grow me a beard,
Hang out at the park.
Play chess and backgammon
And call myself Clark.

I’d sport a beret
Or a jaunty wool cap.
And when it is cold
A hat with earflaps.

I’d speak with an accent.
I’d gobble in Spanish.
All traces of the old me
Would very soon vanish.

“Que pasa?” I’d ask
Every stranger I met.
“What’s happening? Don’t tell me
It’s Thanksgiving yet.”

And if I am challenged,
If someone suspects,
I’d just shrug my shoulders,
Look confused and perplexed.

“What turkey?” I’d ask them
“You’ve got me all wrong.”
I’d play dumb and act stupid;
I’ve practiced so long.

Then all of a sudden
My eyes became clear
And I saw the whole table
With my family so near.

Gone was the chess set
And gone was the park.
Gone was the turkey
Who called himself Clark.

Instead I saw stuffing
In front of my plate,
With yams and potatoes
This looked really great!

All eyes were upon me
As I looked around
“Welcome back,” my Dad said,
“From the Lost and Found.”

It was only a dream
And I heard myself say,
“Mom, please pass the turkey.
It’s Thanksgiving Day!”
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