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by Norman
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Looking for a better world
Take a look around you now
And tell me what you see
Is everything in black and white?
Or is it only me?

But where are all the other tones
Of color and of hue?
The red and yellow of the sun
The sky that should be blue

If we can never see again
A rainbow ‘cross the sky
Then we have lost the art of life
You have to question why

Yes, once our world was filled with hope
A palette of delight
But now my eyes can only see
The shadows black and white

Is it our eyes that fail us now?
Or is it more our soul?
So have we lost our sense of sight?
Or have we just grown old?

Who took away the color tones?
Who robbed our very vision?
I blame it all on Donald Trump
Yes, he caused this division

Now every thing is black and white
We are a land divided
Yes, I am right and you are wrong
It’s you who are misguided

Is everything just good and bad?
Or are there shades between?
Remember when the landscape glowed
With yellows, browns and greens?

So are we meant to live our lives
In troubled shades of gray?
We all are waiting for the dawn
When night turns into day

And with the dawn the light will cast
Upon this fabled land
All of the colors in the world
You know that will be grand

We have to rid us of this scourge
This blight that blocks the light
Send Donald Trump up to the moon
Return the world to right

‘Cause only then will there be peace
And colors will live free
The colors of our dignity
From sea to shining sea
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