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Third part in a blog entry series about my journey.

I was having a great time writing pieces for my website, but my copy writing career was not taking off as well as I wanted. I had discovered that a great many of the authors I met on my new writing site were self-published. If I did this, it would mean that I wouldn't have to wait for a publisher to accept me books in order to get published. I looked into this possibility in the hopes that "The Tales of Callah" would be enjoyed by many children. I did have a hard time finding out how to use Amazon, and I pestered the people in the various business Facebook groups to get information about this. I finally did set up an Amazon account. I set my friends on my writing site to reviewing my book, and I decided on the topics for another two books.

I decided to delve into the history of the province in which I live and write a book about this called "Newfoundland: Yea or Nay". It explores the decision of my province to become a province in the country of Canada.

I also wanted to write more fiction. I had attended a few town council meetings after I moved, and was fascinated with the council. I decided to write a book called "Conquer" that dealt with a town council in a fictional town much like the little town in which I live in now.

I had originally joined business Facebook groups in order to learn how to promote my books online. I realized that with all the time and effort it had taken me to find out how to self-publish I could use that experience to help others through this process. I started creating Facebook groups of my own. I thought it would be good experience in attracting buyers.

I started with a group of people that wanted to start a business but had little money. I had some people interested in this group, but I was getting very little engagement from the members. I struggled to gain members for three months before I finally shut down the group.

I began a group for authors in order to do the same thing for authors. Amazon is rather difficult to navigate, but I had found my way. I thought that a collaborative group of authors could help each other through the challenges of self-publishing and gaining recognition for their books. Again, I had very little engagement from the members no matter what I tried, and I have shut down the group recently.

I even tried to take my love of nature and turn that into a Facebook group for hunters who wanted to hunt in a conservative matter. For lack of engagement, it has been shut down the same time as my group for authors.

These experiences have taught me a great deal. For one, I need the right people in order to have a successful group. Second, it takes a great deal of work to motivate your members to engage. This taught me that it would take the same amount of efforts to get people to buy.

I am not finished with Facebook groups, yet. I just began a group called "Transition To Success". I have been through that many changes in my business life that I feel I can give others support in their own transitions. Businesses go through changes all the time, big or small. I will be guiding business owners, new or old, in the transitions their businesses go through. It is just started, and I am very hopeful that I can make this work for me and many other business owners.

Two of my books are up on Amazon. "The Tales of Callah" is published, finally, and I am selling a book for business people called "How To Create Your Dream Business Without Emptying Your Account". I am about to raise the price on both of these books.
And that's where I am now. A delightfully published author, and a business person trying to enhance the lives of others.

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