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So this story is a working progress and i'm really trying so leave good reviews.

Chapter 1 : Brighton Rock
September 7th 7 Months Before Attack

Lockhart, Texas

Chapter 1: Brighton Rock
November 7th 7 Months Before Attack

Lockhart, Texas
Lockhart is a small town in west Texas supporting a population of 38,066. Located in Caldwell County, surrounded by barren ghost towns and lush forest.

Lockhart High School
Founded in the late 1890s where it was the center of the local cotton industry and locomotive manufacturing. Restored in 2007 it has changed into a fortress-like building with the security of Knox.
The whole school is teenagers from all different backgrounds.
Main Hallway
A lone teenager walks down the crowded hallway, rocking his head back and forward. Sporting a flannel and black jeans with small patches and holes. His tan backpack was slouched on his back being weighed down by a black camera bag. This is Emmett Lynch, an army brat and school shutterbug
He looks down, changing the song from his MP3 Player, Brighton Rock appears and the intro begins. He hums to its acoustic bass and sporadic drums waiting for the lyrics to start.
"Happy little day, Jimmy went away met his little Jenny on a public holiday
a happy pair they made, so decorously laid" he sang along.
He walked down the hallway, sliding and pushing himself through, then a small hand landed on Emmett's shoulder. He turned to see Blake, Emmett longtime friend and part of the Lockhart Football team.
" What's up you bum? What did you do this weekend ?" Blake smirked as Emmett took off his headphones.
" Nothing really... I had to take some pictures of something with atmosphere" Emmett replies doing air quotes as they walked to their class.
" Can I see it "
" Sure," Emmett said throwing his bag around and pulling the Nikon out. Powering it on he shifted through hundreds of photos finally landing on a picture with a yellow daisy with a black background.
Blake smiled grabbing Emmett on his back " Dude your great at this stuff".
Emmett and Blake entered the room of their Biology class and sat down in their chairs.
Emmett looked around the whole class to only see the five groups that make up his school. The fronts of the class were the nerds, slender, freckles, all trying to get into the top school. In the middle where the average kids just trying to get high school over with. In the back were the worst of the worst the bullies and brat of the school, giving anyone a problem for no honest reason. Most of the girls in the class sat on the other side of the class. Their teacher Mr.Brooks entered the with a whole cup of steaming coffee in one hand and a whole stack of the test from the other week.
" Ok it's the second month of the school year so ya'll know the drill"
All the kids got in a single filled line as the went to the front to receive their test. Emmett was seventh in line Blake right behind him, he tugs Emmett's shoulder.
"Dude im so scared"
Emmett shifted his head around" Why"
" If I don't pass this test I'm not playing in the next game"
"Dude you'll be fine," Emmett said as he walked forward to his desk.

Mr. Brooks hands Emmett's paper to him " Good Job Mr.Lench you too Mr.Arthur" He remarks. Emmett walks back to his desk right was Blake got his. They both show their grades.
" Yes," the two say in unison. A large one hundred is circled on Emmett's paper while a seventy-five was on Blake's. Their moment of triumph was broken when a loud whack of a tabletop rose out. Daniel Harris, class bully had slammed his fist.
" A zero, what the hell old man" he shouted
"Well, Mr. Harris, try harder not to letting me see you trying to cheat"
Emmett covered his mouth, trying to fight back a giggle, Daniel turned in fury. He pushed a desk out of his way giving a sickeing screech walking right up in Emmett's face. His face was bright red, puffing up his chest too big.

" You got something to say army boy," he said while slobbering in his face
"Yea, ..... your a dumbass" Emmett said smirking.
Daniel pushed Emmett in the back knocking back into Blake. "You wanna say that again"
Emmett starred Daniel down, his anger beginning to show. He clenched his fist preparing to fight. A loud bang of a textbook hitting a desk echoed in the classroom as Mr. Harris could be seen holding the large textbook.
Daniel looked at him and back to Emmett and frowned "Maybe this is your lucky day kid". The bell of the school began to ring signaling an end to the period. Emmett walks to the door bumping into Daniel making him stagger he walked down the hallway in temper, his blood boiling from the altercation.
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