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by K.HBey
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At the corridor end, the men find themselves in an island.However Sara is in danger.
At the end of the shell. An amazing island is found. It seems a no man's land.
Sara is following her companions. They are walking in full blindness, following just their feelings, to reach an unknown place. The ivory sand is full of crabs. There are some banana palmers; coconut and kiwi. The night sweeps the light. In such exotic place where sea is melt to the sky and summer is endless; though the terrible fear invades Sara heart.

Walter is someone vigilant. He constantly counts the group members and sees if someone is absent. In such darkness they decide to get a break and to eat something. They should then get a rest under such stars because a long trip lasts. John is a good cooker. He prepares them a meal. Around a great fire, Walter screams suddenly; Sara....

She is not here with the group. Everyone is searching for her in such surrounding but no trace for her is found. Where is Sara?
Searching for Sara in such darkness is like searching for a needle in a desert. Walter says; we cannot wait till tomorrow. Sara life is threatened by an unknown danger.

They decide then to go back on foot again in such forest. Each one follows a different path. The forest is transformed into a real enormous trap.
Walter follows the north. His breath is loud. He is running as a blind is such forest. After walking for hours Walter is exhausted. Nevertheless he seems to hear a voice from over there. He does not trust what he hears. The more he walks further the more he hears such same voice. This is a moaning.The voice is somehow like an echo. It emanates from a tunnel.
Walter falls and finds himself in a dark tunnel.

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