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by Carini
Rated: E · Non-fiction · Health · #2176192
Health begins in the gut. Being mindful of what you eat determines how healthy you will be
Richard Barkley turned 40 a few short months before, but felt older beyond his years. He felt sluggish, devoid of energy. He was aware that diet played an important part in health, but the demands placed on his time didn't allow for a careful study the food that was making him sick. He promised himself to dig deeper into the problem, but he needed his morning cup of sweetened coffee to perk him up until the mid morning blahs kicked in.
Richard is a typical American. He's confused by what he hears. His doctor doesn't place any emphasis on his diet, but never makes any suggestions as to how he can get his energy back. His doctor knows how to treat his condition. He knows nothing about how Richard can stay healthy through a balanced diet. Richard remains ignorant as he hits the burger stand for his lunch.
Richard has been trained by an industry that downplay healthy habits in favor of drugs and vaccines that make billions for their manufacturers. He knows diet is important. He just doesn't know what steps he should take to regain vitality. That kind of information is never broadcast over television networks, nor does he ever see a full page ad exerting the benefits of spinach and broccoli. So he remains mindless of what he puts into his mouth.
After all he needs to eat quickly and fast food with its sugar and high fat is his only option. sugar is what gets him out the door every morning. It comes with a glass of sweetened orange juice combined with breakfast cereal, fried bacon or sausage. On some occasions he enjoys pancakes with a hood dollop of butter and maple syrup. A quick stopover at the nearby Starbucks for a coffee with a double double dose of sugar helps to perk him up temporarily.
Richard is in the dark when it comes to healthy eating. He's not a nutritionist, after all, so he approaches his diet mindlessly.
He's not alone as so many of his friends do the same thing he does. They eat processed and refined junk food. They eat on the run. They don't chew their food. They wash it down with a Big Gulp. No one pays much attention to the amount they cram down their throats. They're ignorant that their stomachs take up to twenty minutes to signal their brains that it's had more than enough. Some of them never quite feel satisfied and like Homer Simpson they must have their daily doughnut and a can of Duff.
The subject of indigestion makes for over-the-fence conversation for Richard and his neighbors. They laugh over the flatulence, heartburn and diarrhea that strangely occur a few short hours after packing it in every evening.
Richard is an average type of guy. He's taken the middle way to growth. The weigh scales certainly proves it. It must be, he concludes, a lack of exercise, which the processed food industry is quick to blame.
Few are concerned about maintaining a fully functional body. It's easier to take pains to plan a wedding, a vacation or a house warming party than to focus on what goes into the mouth. Celebrations are an excuse to overeat. We crave distractions even if they lead to weight gain and indigestion.
Unfortunately heath is a matter of importance if you hope to see your grandchildren. It requires paying attention to eating a healthy diet. The information is out there, but you do need to take active steps if you want to enjoy a comfortable retirement. You need to be mindful of what you eat and how you eat it. Your life may be hectic, but do you really want to suffer the consequences of a poor diet?
At the time of his death, Elvis Presley had 45 pounds of fecal matter in his gut. That's a lot of waste compacted in one garbage dump. Elvis weighed an impressive 350 pounds and was using a number of pharmaceutical grade drugs.
Obviously he wasn't mindful of what he was eating. Elvis was an excellent performer, not a guru of nutrition.
Unless you prefer to be an Elvis impersonator, you'll want to know what foods that make you sick need to be avoided.
Being mindful while eating is paramount for a healthy and happy lifestyle. If you concentrate on what goes into your mouth, you are not likely to grow fat or suffer the consequences Richard and Elvis have experienced.

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