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by Carini
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There are habits, once developed, can lead either to success or failure

The Disheartening Habits of Unsuccessful People

Life is worrisome enough when we spend it concentrating on routine chores. Being able to do things without having to think of every move while shaving, eating or driving a car helps us concentrate more on priorities.

The development of habits begin early in life From childhood we learn to use time to our advantage. We develop good habits and bad habits. Good habits help make life easier. Bad habits can hinder progress and reinforce a negative state of mind. As we grow into adulthood,the habits, both good and bad become entrenched in our psyche. It becomes difficult to change the habits that hinder us and replace them with positive ones. Unsuccessful people develop more of the bad habits and do nothing to eliminate them.

Most people realize they have faults, but it's easy to take a blind view. We think they will go away in time, or we don't have the energy or time to change what keeps us from success.

Successful people are no different. They are willing to change to ensure a better, richer future. In his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin listed 13 virtues he wished to develop, He worked a week on every virtue to cultivate a better character.

Life is worrisome enough if we spend it concentrating on routine chores. Being able to do things without having to think of every move while shaving, eating or driving a car helps us concentrate more on priorities.

The development of habits begin early in life As children we learn to use time to our advantage. While good habits help, bad habits hinder progress and peace of mind. Unfortunately, we pick up both. As we grow into adulthood, habits become entrenched in our psyche. Once we've repeated them often enough, it becomes hard to change nasty habits and replace them with constructive ones. The trouble starts when we have more of those nasty habits than the ones that bring prosperity.

As we age we become aware of the differences between bad and good, but fall into complacency. We accept that we have our faults, but we feel we can't do anything about them.

Successful people have many of the same habits, but they are more focused on eliminating them before they become a major stumbling block. Benjamin Franklin in his autobiography listed 13 virtues he wished to develop, believing that working on each one would make him a better man. He was, of course, correct.

So what are some habits that may be holding you back? Like Franklin, your list is likely to be just as long as his. However, you don't need to despair as long as you're willing to make changes to your character. Franklin overcame. So can you.


Everyone is guilty of this habit. It's easy to postpone what needs doing. It's learned at an early age as children observe their parents' reaction to delay taking action. Procrastination can be helpful in certain situation where a wait and see attitude may void the need to make changes that might create a negative effect on life. for action. In many cases success is delayed, something most people freely admit they don't want.

Fear of failure

It's more imaginary than real. Fear holds many back. Fear of ridicule, criticism and the apparent embarrassment of failure keeps the unsuccessful from stepping into the unknown. Part of this fear stems from the need we all have to belong with the group. We accept society's definition of success, which, too often, stifles creativity. Successful people welcome failure as they know they can only learn from their mistakes. Failure is nothing more but a learning tool.

No Active Goals

Drifting through life is what poor people do. Life, they feel, is just too demanding to expect them to set up something worthwhile to achieve. It's easier to drift through life. After all,, the advancements of technology may make any struggle toward a goal obsolete. They can only dream of what will be and hope fortune will smile on them. An ancient Chinese proverb says that a journey of a million miles begins with a single step. Goals may change in time, but that does not mean we shouldn't have any.

Giving Up Too Early

Life is never one of smooth sailing. Everyone agrees with that truth. When the path toward success meets with several obstacles, the unsuccessful conclude that their ambition was far too lofty to surmount.So they give up accept their fate and melt into a life of obscurity. But obstacles are meant to teach perseverance. We need to be so focused on the goal that nothing can prevent us from achieving it. It builds character. So close to ultimate achievement, many a man and woman give up at the final corner where achievement lies in wait.

Working in the Now

It's easy to dream of what will be. But no one has reached success without taking the first steps to get there. No one can regret the past. No one can try to live in a future that hasn't arrived. The only road to success begins NOW. It's okay to dream of what will be, but today is the only time we have to take the first step. Failure is assured if we spend it dreaming of the unknown future.

A Passionate Effort

If we know what we want, we need to focus on the goal. We need the stamina to overcome what stands in the way. we can't be focuses on the time required or if we have enough money to reach the goals. A well defined goal is the first step that inspires us to continue, no matter what obstacles we face. We need to be passionate of what we want. No sacrifice is too large.

These six habits are the reason why so many fail in life. For success to be assured, we need to eliminate each one. We can replace those bad habits. It requires effort. As long as we breathe we can make a start.

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