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by Linz
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2176633
Flash fiction daily competition piece.
I woke up, humming a tune from the dream I'd had overnight. Pouring myself a coffee, I continued to sing. Damn it! An earworm. Still, it was a pretty tune.
As the day wore on, I began to question why I couldn't get the song out of my head. I Googled the lyrics, but the internet didn't know it, either. I guessed it must not have been written yet.
"You seem happy," my friend, Maya, observed.
I smiled. "Yes, I am. I have a happy tune in my head. Woke up with it and can't shake it."
"Which one is it?"
"That's what I've been trying to figure out. But even Google doesn't seem to know."
"How about writing it down, then?"
I stopped and stared at her. She had a point. I grabbed a pen and a sheet of paper and started to write. As I did so, a feeling of unease started to grow within me.
I'd no sooner finished writing down the last word than my employer snatched the paper from me.
"This is beautiful, Lesley. Beautiful! It's got 'Number One' written all over it."
I beamed, momentarily forgetting my unease. To hear such words from Poison Brawn was high praise indeed! "Thank you, sir."
He inclined his head at me. "Do you have an idea of the tune?"
My sense of unease strengthened as I sang the song aloud for for the first time.
"I'll get it produced straight away," Poison smiled and started to walk away
"Sir, please don't."
He twisted round to stare at me. "Whyever not?"
I rubbed my arm with the opposite hand. Even my own mind was calling me insane.
"Sir, if you release that song. . ."
"It's a summons to war. You'll start World War Three."
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