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a response to Hoove's 'Bovine Kiss'
I was standing under the mistletoe...
On my own two feet
When I noticed who else was there
Blinking back at me

She had the prettiest
Cow brown eyes
And the rest of her matched
The self-same disguise

I kind of whistled Jingle Bells
Wondering if she had a clue
On what we were about here
On what we were supposed to do

Well, we stood there
For what seemed quite a while
She, chewing her cud
While I twisted on a smile

I perked up my lips just in case
This holiday event might be
Some time she wanted
to have spent with me

We looked at each other
And then we drew close
It seemed like she reached up
Onto all of her four-footed toes

When our faces met
As Mistle toes faces must
She gave me such a licking
It left me a cross-eyed old cuss.

So if you step under such holiday cheer
And you see a brown-eyed bovine cow
Waiting for you under there
Kiss your face goodbye then take a goodly bow

32 line epic holiday poem
in response to Hooves
"Bovine Kiss Christmas Cheer

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