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Rated: E · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2176883
What happens when your prompt requires a mythical creature, a perceptive child & an arrest
A giant snuck into the North Pole one night and carried off Cupid, who put up a fight, but it was about as effective as an ant trying to break through a cement wall. A young elf named Trudy observed Cupid’s plight and followed the duo, more out of curiosity than concern. Of course any adult witnessing the kidnapping would have called the North Pole police, but Trudy was not an adult.

The giant took Cupid to his cave hide-out. When he let the reindeer go, Cupid demanded, “What is this about?”

“Hugo need love, and you make it so.
Make Hugo happy and he let you go.”

“But I am a reindeer and no help to you,” insisted Cupid. “I fly Santa’s sleigh, and that’s with the help of seven other reindeer – or eight depending on the weather - and that’s all I can do!”

“Hugo need love, and you make it so.
Make Hugo happy and he let you go.”

“I get it!” said Cupid, “but I don’t shoot bows; your Cupid’s a cherub as anyone with any smarts knows!”

“Hugo need love, and you make it so.
Make Hugo happy and he let you go.”

“But I’m the wrong Cupid! Don’t you know it’s near Christmas Eve and if I don’t get back that means Santa’s sleigh cannot leave? Rudolph would never agree to fly beside Comet. It is either the lead or nothing for that red-nosed reindeer!’

“Hugo need love, and you make it so.
Make Hugo happy and he let you go.”

“I give up!” said Cupid, “There’s clearly no way
you’ll alter your mantra whatever I say!” Cupid sat down on his hind quarters and hung his head.

Meanwhile, Trudy, who’d observed the exchange, realized the giant was not a threat to Cupid, but clearly wasn’t going anywhere until he was granted his wish. Since Trudy didn’t know any other giants – she lived in a land of elves after all – she thought about what made her feel loved, beside her mom, dad and Santa. A puppy!! That’s it!! A puppy.

Trudy followed the footsteps they’d made in the snow back to the North Pole; went to the puppy factory, aka the kennel, and grabbed the cream colored pup who came bounding up to her first. She then retraced her steps back to the giant’s hide-out.

When she reached the opening of the cave, she whispered to the puppy, “Don’t be afraid. He’s big, but he won’t hurt you.” She set the puppy free and he ran over to the giant, jumping on his foot, his tail wagging like a windshield wiper in a downpour. Of course it wasn’t until the puppy started barking that the giant realized there was something at his feet, but he leaned over to pick the little fellow up – he looked even smaller in the giant’s hands. Immediately the puppy started giving the giant kisses.

The giant looked at Cupid – who had no idea from where this puppy had come – and said, “Hugo need love, and you make it so. You make Hugo happy, now he let you go.”

“Okay?” said Cupid. He slowly sidled past the giant to the cave’s opening. When the giant made no move to stop him, he exited the cave, noticing Trudy standing just outside; he looked at her quizzically. She put her fingers to her lips, so Cupid said nothing.

The two of them walked back toward the North Pole in silence for the first thirty or so feet. Just as Cupid was about to ask Trudy how the puppy got into the cave, two of the North Pole’s finest came up to the pair.

“Have either of you seen a cream colored puppy?” one of the men asked. “The alarm went off in the kennel about a couple of hours ago and one of the pups was unaccounted for.”

“You mean no one was concerned about the fact that this young elf was missing? Or the fact that I was missing?” asked Cupid shaking his head. “No. We have not seen any dog large or small.” Cupid and Trudy pushed past the policemen and continued their trek back home.

After there was some distance between the officers and themselves, Trudy said to Cupid, “You know if they keep following those footsteps they are going to find the giant and the missing puppy.”

“Don’t worry child. There’s no way those boys are going to be arresting that giant. They’re not even allowed to carry weapons. Their only ammunition is the threat of being on the naughty list.”
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2176883