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You can find links to all my work stored on WDC - great tool for finding things to review.
Many thanks to ~ Aqua ~ for inspiring this through his own showcase.

I welcome reviews and feedback for all the items listed on this page. However, I've noted my published and contest-winning pieces, which probably won't be revised unless there's something really critical is noted. Feel free to practice your review and analysis skills on these pieces, just know it may be hard to find things to critique and that's okay! This page is updated irregularly as I complete pieces or quarterly. Also, just a couple general thoughts: I am a fiction writer primarily, and dabble in poetry occasionally. I also write in nonfiction pretty regularly and as time allows as a secondary area of expertise. Because I am a full-time student and working full time I don't write as often as I wish I could right now but as soon as school finishes, I plan to dive into all my projects full-force.

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