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An important letter is carelessly lost
Robin Hayes sat by the window of her sparsely furnished, New York City apartment, waiting for the mail to come. She was expecting a very important letter from the local hospital regarding her promotion and she was worried.

Robin took a test, applied for a top managerial position; and the only way the hospital would contact her was through the mail.

The mail had been late every day that week and this day was no different. She got up from the rickety old rocking chair, looked at her tall, lanky frame in the floor length mirror, and paced back and forth in her living room. Robin was the nervous type and the letter situation had her frantic.

Meanwhile, the new mailman was three buildings down delivering the mail. He sloppily grabbed handfuls of letters and magazines out of his bag, stuffed them into mail slots without reading the names, then closed the mail boxes and left.

As he walked to the next building a letter fell from his bag without him knowing it. He walked into the building as the letter tumbled down the street and repeated the same ritual.

A gust of wind surged down a hill and pushed the letter along with it. The letter slid under a car and sat there until the car pulled out and left tire tracks and mud all over it. Once again, the letter went tumbling down the street and around the corner.

As a grocery store owner swept in front of his store, he saw the letter and picked it up. A customer distracted him and the letter fell from his hands and once again, tumbled down the street.

Robin was still sitting, pacing, and biting her nails. She was to receive the letter, read it and then call the number given to formally accept the job if offered to her. This all had to be done at five o’clock and time was running out.

The mail carrier had just left her apartment building and there was no sign of the letter. She could tell by the way he distributed the mail that he was careless and carefree. She wanted to run after him and shake him with all of her might but that wouldn’t do any good.

As she sat in her apartment looking out the window, the letter continued to travel around the neighborhood. It passed by beauty salons, restaurants, parking lots and movie theaters.

Finally, the letter seemed to travel back to the original neighborhood and stopped in front of a house right around the corner from Robin’s apartment.
The owner of the house stepped outside to get her mail from the outside mailbox and felt something sticking to the bottom of her shoe. She freed her shoe from the muddy piece of mail and just as she was about to trash it, she realized it might be important.

She looked at the address and realized it was right around the corner so she decided to deliver it personally.

By this time, Robin was pacing throughout the entire house with tears in her eyes. That job meant everything to her and she was certain that it would be hers if she called in time.

As she looked at her tear stained face in the mirror, the doorbell rang. She ran to the door, opened it and saw a heavy set woman smiling at her. Robin then asked “Who are you?”

The woman replied, “My name is Georgia Brown and I live around the corner. I happened to be getting my mail when I ran across this letter that was stuck to my shoe. I saw who it was from and thought it might be important to you so I’m delivering it.”

Robin looked at the woman, grabbed, hugged and rocked her for about two minutes. They said a few more words and Robin thanked her again before the woman left.

She ripped open the letter and just as she thought, she passed the test and was offered the job. She called the number, formally accepted the job, and then she danced around her apartment filled with joy.

Monday morning came and Robin was ready to report to her new job at the hospital. She was directed to her new supervisor’s office where she would get training, then after a week, she would officially start the job.

As she sat in the office reading a magazine, a familiar voice called her name. She looked up and to her surprise, it was the lady who found her letter.

They looked at each other, screamed, laughed, hugged each other and just smiled.

Mrs. Brown would be her supervisor and she would also be the one to train her. Robin couldn’t have been happier.

The two became the best of friends and although Mrs. Brown had a few years on Robin, they had a lot in common.

As time went on Robin excelled at the hospital and eventually became a Director. Robin’s family was proud and they often heard the story of how Mrs. Brown found the letter that started her climb up the corporate ladder.

Robin thought of Mrs. Brown as a family member and she would forever be in her debt for the good deed she did that day.

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