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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2177581
Building from both sides
A big thank you to Darleen - Queen Krampus 🌙 for letting me expand upon her short story "Chasm

We planned, we drew, we visualized
a bridge over this chasm
between us.
the abyss that churns below
we both
feared but knew we would never
allow to stop us.
You would build your half and I
would build mine.

Now I watch you gather your powerful magic
as you take a step forward,
stones rising up to meet your feet.
You hesitate, but look across at the
great expanse to reach me and I watch
your shoulders firmly set as you take another

Lightning strikes from both the abyss and the sky
rising and falling to meet at the epicenter that is you.
My heart is stabbed with a dagger of ice,
as I watch you fall to your knees.
But you stumble to your feet and continue,
the stepping stones rising in a gentle arc.
You build your half all the way to the apex.
Now you are close enough at least for me to see some
of your features with a little imagination. I see one of
those that I hold
most dear. Your smile.
If only I was close enough to see your eyes.

I’ve put off building my half long enough.
Time here has little meaning and although
my hesitation has felt like moments,
years may have passed for you as you wait.
I look down at my feet,
not afraid,
but unsure if I have the same strength as you.
Can I let go of the fears that weigh down
my feet with cement?

I look up at you again a moment later
Or perhaps millennia later,
And I see you, sitting on the edge of the bridge.
Elbows on your knees,
chin in your hands,
legs swinging over the chasm,
And a smile on your lips as you look at me,
knowing that I will never give up on you.
And I know you will wait happily until I meet you.

I cannot hear it, but I knew you hold your breath
for just a moment as my foot swings out into emptiness
and then taps on its first stone.
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