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Rated: E · Fiction · Contest · #2177677
A young woman gets a heart wrenching surprise on Christmas Day.
Christmas was coming and Mizz Jennings was not looking forward to it. She went through the motions of celebrating the holiday, but her heart wasn’t in it.

Mizz was named after her father’s sister Mizzell but everyone called her Mizz. She was tall, thin with big brown eyes and long, thick eyelashes. Mizz was a beautiful young woman but she was cold as ice.

She had a rookie cop boyfriend named Byron Wells the year before, but after three days on the job, he was shot dead on duty.

Mizz begged Byron to reconsider becoming a cop in Chicago but he didn’t listen. Byron knew how dangerous Chicago was but it didn’t matter because he was determined to join its police force.

As Mizz started trimming the tree with her mother she became very sad. It was that time of year when she missed Byron the most and that familiar pain started to resurface. He was so romantic and what she missed was the way he surprised her on a regular basis.

As she sighed her mom looked up from the tree, pushed her glasses up on her face and asked, “What’s wrong Mizz. Why are you sighing like that?”

Mizz looked at her mom and said nothing.

“I’m speaking to you young lady. Please answer me!”

“I just miss Byron mom. This time of year is hard and if it wasn’t for the family, I wouldn’t even celebrate.”

“Listen, I know Byron meant the world to you but he’s gone Mizz. You have got to try and find the strength to live again. In my opinion, you need to try and get out and possibly get some help.”

Mizz looked at her mom and came to the conclusion that she didn’t understand what she was going through, so she ignored her.

After Mizz helped with baking the cookies, she went upstairs to her apartment. Her father had bought a three family brownstone years ago and Mizz recently decided to rent one of the apartments.

She walked into the kitchen, opened a bottle of wine and poured it to the rim. As she took large sips from her glass, she looked out the window and admired the holiday decorations on the houses across the street. They had Santa Claus and his reindeer in lights, elves dancing on roofs, and decorated trees in front yards.

For a moment she felt normal but that same sad feeling started to creep up on her again. She stared across the street as the tears fell from her eyes and then she screamed into her sleeve. After her screaming fit, she poured herself another glass of wine, turned on the TV and fell asleep on the sofa.

Byron appeared before her in a small garden with flowers in his hand. He handed her the flowers and asked her to sit down on the bench nearby.

“Mizzy, I love you so much but the way you’re suffering is killing me all over again. I need you to start living and stop grieving for me. What we had was special but it’s gone so please, live your life!”

Mizzy tossed and turned on the sofa as Byron slowly started to fade away. She fell off the sofa and woke up realizing that seeing Byron was just a dream. As she stumbled to her bedroom, she climbed into bed and fell back to sleep.

The next day she got up, took a shower, got dressed and ran down the steps to join her family for Christmas.

The dream she had the night before made her mood change for the better. The fantasy talk she had with Byron made her think and she took heed to it.

Her mother came into the living room and asked her to help hang the stockings on the mantle. There was one each for mom and dad, one for her sister Mazey, and one each for her brother Sam and his wife Ally.

“Mom, I see everyone’s stocking but mine. Where is it?”

“Mizz are you sure you don’t see it? I thought I brought them all upstairs. Go downstairs and check the Christmas trunk. Maybe I left it or dropped it on the steps or something.”

Mizz went downstairs to the basement and checked the stairs but she didn’t see it. She walked toward the trunk that held the Christmas decorations and there it was on the floor.

She picked it up and walked back up the steps and into the living room. As she began to hang her stocking on the mantle it felt like something was in it. With a puzzled look on her face she stuck her hand in the stocking and grabbed a very small box that was wrapped in her favorite color blue wrapping paper.

She showed her mom and they looked at each other as she began to open it.

Once she got through the paper, a dark blue velvet box was exposed.
Her mom gasped and so did she. As she flipped open the box, a huge diamond engagement ring appeared almost blinding her. Mizz fell to her knees, clutching the ring and crying softly.

Byron had put the ring in the stocking last year but because of his untimely death, Mizz never bothered to check it.

Mizz got up and sat on the couch then buried her head in her lap. As her mom rubbed her back, tears fell from her eyes too. That was one of the most heart wrenching, beautiful experiences that her mom had ever witnessed.

Byron was famous for his surprises but this one had to be the biggest one of all.

Mizz finally pulled herself together and mingled with her family while showing off her ring. Every now and again she looked down at that huge rock that sat on her finger and smiled.

She would move on eventually, but for now, she just wanted to enjoy Christmas and enjoy Byron’s ring.

Word count = 996

© Copyright 2018 jonnigrl1 (jonnikhai at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2177677