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Major idea of my novel: its bulk, its spreading of ideas of diverse and correlated ways
The following is the storytelling thesis of my novel: this is the sentence that expands its undercurrent, its belief manifested in story fiction manner, and its design that presents a picturesque dramatic horror story, with the lingering of the message of love triumphs over hate, peace always is victorious over war, and that the denouncement, not seeing, turning away, turning the other cheek, and eternal disbelief and active denouncement of the reality of Satan and its evil is righteous, what does make the impossible become real and realistic, and allows individuals to smile, live right, with good morals, and cultivate freedom, with no sexism, hatred to groups that are not offensive such as: gays, lesbians, and bisexuals who have the innate right to marry and live happy lives. To add, the message of my story and novel to be is revolved around anti-slavery in all its forms from the slavery in the world of the many races and even the ones that enslaved their own race, for this is the same much of an injustice and ill act plus concern as banning the legality and right of a homosexual male to marry a male homosexual, or a homosexual female to marry a homosexual female. So, my 378 page story revolves well around the inherit truth that truth; as example, truth from actual religious scripture; such as, the Holy Bible does not condemn homosexuality or human freedoms that are inherit in personal rights, and this because the condemning of such rights and freedoms that people do have is an error, injustice, and leads to these bigots sicknesses. For people are free to live how they want to as a life given right, love how they want to, the sin is the infringement and the banning of gay marriages, the sexism, the crimes: violence, greed, racist acts of loud mouthed anger and physical violence. So, my novel powerfully unwinds with the notion and truth that God is Love and does not judge good people who are innocent and do love.


In the land of the Planet Earth's newly made creation the ill and perverse Lord of Darkness from the planet of Hell attempted, in sick fashion of the unfortunate, to thwart the good plans of the God Almighty of gentle Heaven. For Lord God created the planet Earth with heavenly properties: soft blowing mild winds and breezes a vast land that spanned the globe with seas and ocean designing its globe around it: PANGEA. Hence, God had not yet created humans just yet, and across this single vast land with openings in its land mass for waters: oceans and seas, there roamed the lovely, protecting their kind, and majestic and beautiful wild animal: 300,000,000 leopard, 600,000,000 tiger, and 900,000,000 lion.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2177979