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Cullen and Danielle give themselves to each other for Christmas.
Cullen smiled at the sight of Danielle seated at the end of her bed with one leg crossed over the other. She wore a red satin teddy trimmed with white fake fur along the bodice and hem. Red knee-high stockings covered her legs. The same white fur trim encircled the leg holes.

“Well,” Cullen smiled and moved to the end of the bed. “Does Santa know he’s missin’ an elf?”

“I broke out.” Danielle uncrossed her legs and opened them so he could stand between her knees. “Started a fire in wrapping and snuck out with the dirty stockings.”

“What a naughty little elf ya are.” Cullen unfastened and removed his belt. “Did ya bring me a present?”

“I did,” Danielle said. “Ready to unwrap me?”

“Perhaps I’d rather have me feast first.”


She squealed as he knelt and laid her legs over his shoulders. He ran his tongue between her soft wet folds. Her sweet tangy taste enticed him to dip in for more. She squirmed and gasped. She yelped when he turned his head and sank his teeth into her tender inner thigh. He did the same to the other eliciting another yelp. Straightening he stood to admire his work.

“There now,” Cullen said. “I’ve marked ya where only we can see.”

“Fiend!” Danielle feigned offense. She curled her legs up underneath her.

“Oh, now that’s a bit harsh.” He gave her mouth the same attention as he removed the nighty and tossed it aside.

“I guess it’s time for me to open my present.”

He lay back as she unbuttoned his shirt and feathered kisses down his flat hard stomach to the waistband of his pants. She fumbled with the button as his hand slid over her ass and two of his fingers slipped inside her. As she unzipped him, his erection was so hard it poked out of the hole in his boxers between the open fly of his pants. His fingertips stroked her g-spot as she leaned forward and drew him into her hot wet mouth. Her hips wiggled to the pace he set and she moaned around him. His balls tightened against his body as the urge to come built inside.

“Dani, stop!” He gasped as he took hold of her. “I don’t want to… not yet!”

She released him and sat up. Her ass and sex settled on his chest as she straightened and looked over her shoulder at him.

“You’re still wearing your pants.” She straddled his stomach.

“Can ya help me with that?”

She pulled his pants and boxers from his waist as he raised his hips to give her room. Tossing the garments aside, she smiled with mischief and tickled his stocking feet. “Do you want to keep these on?”

“No!” Cullen laughed as she pulled each sock from his feet. “Come here.”

Cullen sat up and motioned her closer. She crawled over his legs. He gripped her hips and held her over his tip. Warm drops of liquid heat slid down the curve of his crown. He tightened his grip as she attempted to lower herself onto him. “Not chust yet. I’m very close and I’m not ready to end this.”

“I’m close too,” Danielle said. “Please?”

“Lean back a bit.”

As she did her breasts rose before him. He lathed each nipple with his tongue. She moaned and gasped as her orgasm slid down over him. He drew on each sensitive bud until she came again. Her moans and releases urged him to push up inside her to the hilt. He held her still as her inner walls flexed around him. Her moans became long and deep as he moved her up and down his length. The slow pace was agony for him but he did not want to go faster.

“Chust like this, baire. Nice and slow.” He leaned back and watched as she took over the slow massage. Her soft breasts brushed his chest as she moved. “A bit faster.”

Her breasts bounced as she increased her speed. He urged her to go faster until they flopped up and down as she moved. She bounced fast and hard on him. Angling herself so his shaft stroked her sweet spot. Her head fell back and she cried out as a wave of pleasure overcame her. The sight of her ecstasy and the feel of her pulsing around him drove him wild. His arms encircled her waist and he surged up so their positions were reversed. He drove inside her with enough force to bang the head board against the wall. He buried his face into a pillow and screamed as his orgasm tore from him. Feeling her tighten and shudder beneath him made him push further inside. Her hips rose to meet him drawing out another weaker release. He withdrew as her body fell still. He lay on his back staring through half open eyes. His chest rose and fell with the effort to catch his breath. His lips curved in a smile as he felt her press up against him and lay her head on his chest. He knew he should speak but sleep overcame him before he could think of what to say.
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