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Rated: E · Short Story · Holiday · #2178210
When the elves catch a virus, Santa invents a new machine to pick up the slack..
Word Count: 499
Contest: PersonITfication
Prompt: Image of stacked up gifts (bring them to life.)

"Delmont, status report please?" Santa inquired.

"Yes sir, things are not looking very well. All the elves are sick."

"Oh my, I'll get Mrs. Claus to start a large batch of soup. In the meantime, I need to keep toy production steady."

"If only gifts could build and wrap themselves." Delmont chuckled.

Delmont's joke gave Santa the idea to have the machines build and wrap the toys with magic. Santa went to the factory and began his magic flow. The machines came to life, speedily creating toys. As Santa was releasing his magic Delmont raced into the room bumping into Santa spilling some of his soup on the magic dust. The machine shook aggressively. Delmont slowly backed away towards the shelf to hide. The first six presents melted together. Every gift birthed from the machine emerged with arms and legs, fingers and toes, and a face. Santa stopped the magic flow. The monstrous gift standing 5 feet tall, stood on the shelf.

"We have been gifted the gift of life! Shall we just be kids toys now?"

"NO!" the gifts chanted in unison.

"Shouldn't we be our own masters!" The oversized present raised his fists as he spoke."What shall we do with our new freedom? Take over!!!!" The present locked his gaze on Santa until Santa could feel his eyes burning into his soul.

"Take Over! Take Over! Take Over! Take Over!!!!" All the presents followed suit and turned their sights on Santa. Santa with wide eyes cleared out of the factory with Delmont, locking the door behind them.

"We...need...a...plan." Santa whispered in between deep breaths.

Delmont grabbed the bat from the carving station and put it through the handles. Santa and Delmont ran to Santa's office. After a few pumps the presents snapped the bat, and rolled out like a broken gumball machine. The presents charged the workshop searching for Santa. The pair concocted a plan to lure the presnts back into the factory to undo the magic. Delmont ran out of the office yelling "You'll never find Santa!" They chased him while the leader demanded to know Santa's location.

Santa dashed for the factory and blurted out " catch me if you can!" He hid behind the door. They aborted their attack on Delmont, leaving him with tattered clothes. All of the presents filed in after Santa, confused by his absence. He began his magic flow to reverse his mistake, sprinkling soup, left on the shelf on the magic dust. One by one the presents dropped to the floor as inanimate objects as they were inteded to be. Mrs. Claus walked into the factory full of concern for Delmont.

"What happened to Delmont? He wont even speak."

"Let's just say he had a little mishap with the machinery trying to keep productions going. You know Delmont always going above and beyond." Santa snickered as he patted Delmont on the back.

Delmont, snapped back to reality at Santa's touch. "Yes, you know me." He scurried out of the factory.
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