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by Shaye
Rated: E · Appendix · Writing · #2178679
Here we go with another year!


 Poky Poems  [18+]
All poems, poky and small
by Shaye

                                        "New Day - 24 Syllables
                                        "The Phoenix Rises - 24 Syllables
                                        "Delicious - PersonITfication
                                        "Pied - 24 Syllables

A Lone Leaf Lives  [E]
Haiku for autumn
by Shaye

Devoured by Oblivion  [13+]
We are nothing more than stars
by Shaye

Flash Fiction

NB: I define Flash Fiction as anything under 500 words

Tick Tock  [18+]
The most delightful of sounds
by Shaye

Short Stories

NB: I define Short Stories as anything over 500 words, but shorter than a novel!

The Machine  [13+]
Two scientists start up a machine they shouldn't have messed with.
by Shaye



Capita  [18+]
The first draft of a science fantasy space opera.
by Shaye

"Capita will likely be a constant over the coming years as I continue to work on it.
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