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Dear Me Contest Entry-January 2019


Dear Creative Me,

         You're really off to a good start! Writing your response to a blog prompt yesterday, you realized that what you wish for 2019 is to change yourself and your attitude:

          “I wish to relinquish and release my expectations that others will behave as I think they should. That alone will release a tremendous amount of repressed energy, so I can accomplish my other wish: to become even more active at WDC (which I've already planned by joining I Write in 2019 and the MHWA, as well as blogging for 2 forums daily, reviewing daily, entering contests (I've spent hours today working on a short story revision in order to enter it). I need energy and enthusiasm for that, so I guess this is going to be "forget trying to change others when they won't" and instead "change myself" year.”          

         Maybe some might say that “self-work” is too “self-centered,” but I think you've wisely determined that “self-improvement” is the only way to go. Help yourself grow, and then you will be able to help—not try to change—others.

         So good! Already you've entered the Supernatural Writing Contest (yesterday), you're entering the Dear Me Contest today, you're working on your a Very Wodehouse Challenge work for Jan. 1-15, and you're busy with the MHWA Tasks for this week! Plus, you're fully intending to expand Stieglitz the Zombie collection, which at the moment is several flash pieces and a short story, and put them together into maybe a novella--possibly even a novel! That incomplete 2018 NaNo project can be pulled out of temporary mothball status, too, completed and revised.

         With the abundance of energy you've released, you can enter lots of contests all year long, unafraid of "rejection" or "not winning" or "being overlooked and ignored." What matters is that you are writing, not how you are judged (or not judged).


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