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Just a look at how I write.
Okay, I guess I will get into this.

Since I have been writing for 11 years now, I have figured out the way that I write. Meaning the strategies I use, the ideas and how they plan out, and how to write something without forcing it. I understand that I am new here and most people don't know me that well, so they come to conclusions based on what is in front of them. So, I decided that I would give everyone an insight into how my writing comes from my brain to paper or a google doc.

For stories: I don't plan out every little detail, I write as I go.

For poetry: I am not the rhyming type. I have figured out that when most or all the lines of my poems rhyme, they are forced rhymes. I rhyme here and there every once in a while.

For song lyrics: Kind of same as poetry, except I make sure they work together when I sing them aloud.

Alright, with that out of the way, I will explain some things that people have commented on in their reviews.

For Economy UnderWay, I am planning to turn this into a full novel. I hope to finish it this year and have it published or put on Amazon. As for why there aren't any characters, the first chapter is to bring the reader into the area and know the locations and kind of people are in the area. Chapter One is an "Introduction" because it kind of gets confusing to just bring a new country out of the blue and then have to explain why its there in the story. I felt that it was best to introduce the setting and everything in a chapter then here and there bring it back up so the reader would not have to go back to the first chapter to remember what something is, or what the country does.

For all my poems that have reviews that are saying that I need psychological help and what not, I know I need help, I took a psychology course in my last year of high school and noticed that something was wrong with me when we going over different concepts. But also, the poems are not necessarily about me, if something comes to mind that works together with something I have planned or written already I will put it there. I have a weird sense of humor and sometimes it might come off as being dark or about myself, but that is not the case. Because one thing that I learned in my AP English courses was that nonfiction was not really my thing, I'm not saying that I was bad at it, but I am better at fiction.

I think that this will be all I say for now. I appreciate the reviews, because some actually have helpful tips and tricks that I will defiantly use in the future.
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