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My review of 2018 and my goals for 2019
2018 was interesting for you. You started out with finishing your Corporate Wars series of short stories. With that you decided it was time to find a publisher, or even better, a literary agent. You sent out several queries to agents. You got replies back from some of the agents, unfortunately they were all denials. You did keep trying, though.

You started a website to showcase a blog about geeky stuff and what you were doing on your journey to getting published. Not much has been happening lately, so you have not posted in Adventures in Writing for awhile. On your website you posted links to the two stories you have written. You have had moderate success with you website. There have been visitors and there are spikes in views when you post a blog entry. People have been looking at your two stories, but no one has bought them.

You attended a local comic con and ran into the gentleman who did the cover art for your two stories. He said he has had a lot of comments on those pieces of work. You had the brilliant idea of partnering with him to illustrate your first story, Pain and Paranoia. He said he would be interested and you told him you would bring the story to his comic store to read. You have not done that, yet.

You also had an amazing dream about a young samurai lady that is thrown into present day United States. You have turned this into your new writing project. You have written the first two chapters and are mapping out the next two.

Now it is 2019 and I believe you have some paths set before you to continue journeying.

First and foremost you need to write. In the past year you have written when you had time and could think through the writing fog. That did not produce much work. This year, I suggest you set writing as a priority. First thing when you get up is to write. Set an hour aside, before you do anything else. JK Rowling said when she was writing Harry Potter, her house was a wreck, because cleaning was not a priority. Writing was. You need to make that same commitment.

Your wife was right about how easily discouraged you get. You knew when you went into the search for an agent that it would be tough, but you still let it get you down. You have submitted to about two dozen agents. There are hundreds more out there. You need to commit to sending two queries per day. You can do those right after you have written for an hour.

Finally you need to edit your story Pain and Paranoia and take it to Bob, at his comic book store. Maybe he will decide not to do it. Maybe he will. You will not know until you try.

The number one thing you need to remember in 2019 is do not give up. You have had several people read most of Corporate Wars on Writing.com and in person. A lot of edits have been suggested, which is normal, but the feedback has been positive. Each of the Corporate Wars short stories you have posted on Writing.com has had an average of 4.5 out 5 stars and you have received a couple of awards for your work on Corporate Wars. The few people you have shown your story about the young samurai lady have really liked it. You have great ideas for stories and you are a good writer who is improving his skills. You must keep writing!
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