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A silver fox runs off to find where to spend his New Years with.
Where to spend the year

As the year was coming to an end Winter didn’t know what he would do. What plans he should make or what New Years resolution should be. He hadn’t giving it much thought but when he woke up to his alarm those thoughts dawned on him.

“What am I going to do for the end of the year, who will I spend it with?”

Winter got out of bed and dressed himself in blue jeans, a white shirt, and a pink sweater. He rushed down the stairs almost tripping into the living room.

“Winter why are you in such a hurry?” His mother asked watching him practically fall on his face.

The Silver fox stood up straight and pulled down on his sweater that was riding up his back from the fall, “Not in a hurry just got a lot of energy.” He smiles at her.

“Alright hun, breakfast is on the counter,” the more frail fox chuckled.

Winter nodded and went into the kitchen and grabbed the bowl of oatmeal that was still hot. He opened a drawer and took a spoon from the utensils and started stuffing his face like a child, his maturity going out the window. Once he was finished, the fox washed his dishes and dried them before putting them away. He picked up his car keys from the table and rushed out the door telling his mother he loved her as he did so.

Through out the day he still wondered what he would do for New Years, it was only 16 hours away what would he do?

Winter pulled into work and checked his phone seeing a message from someone special to him a fox husky mix named Mac.

The text read, “Hi Cutie wanted to say I love you before work!”

“That’s it I’ll spend it with him!” He shouted out loud. “But he’s in another state...” Winter pulled out his phone and checked the time and then looked behind him at the shop he worked in. “Maybe I can?” He thought.

Winter ran into the store, “Good morning Winter.” The receptionist said smiling at him.

“Jenny where is Mike?” He asked with excitement in his voice.

“He’s in his office why?” The grey hound asked puzzled why he needed to talk to the boss.

“Is he busy?” He questioned.

“No,” she answered.

“Thanks love,” He smiled before heading into the office.

Winter walked in and looked at the wolf sitting behind the desk, “good morning Winter,” the wolf said peaking up from his laptop.

“Mike I need a huge favor from you,” the silver fox quickly asked.

Mike closed his laptop and looked at the fox, he could tell that he was excited about something his tail was wagging fast and his ears perked, “What is it Winter?”

“I need some time off,” he answered quickly.

“Oh?” He wondered, “what for?”

Winter sat down and looked up at the wolf, “I want to surprise Mac... I want to go see him for New Years.”

The wolf sighed, “Winter, you don’t have anymore vacation days, I can’t give you time off again.”

“Come on Mike I need this time off please,” he begged.

“I’m sorry Winter,” he replied.

“I’ll do anything Mike... I-I’ll work weekends for a month!” He continued to beg.

“If I give you six days you work the next three weekends got it?” The wolf compromised.

“Thank you Mike,” the jumping fox cheered.

Winter rushed out of the store and back to his car, he grabbed his phone and looked up plane ticket to Georgia. He punched one that would get them there with 2 hours left to the year. The silver fox drove home and ran inside.

“Mother I’m going to Georgia!” Winter shouted rushing up the stairs.

Winter packed a few bags and ran down the stairs with them, tripping and falling onto the living room floor.

“Winter what are you talking about?” His mother asks standing over him.

Winter stood up and grabbed his luggage from the floor his energy not dissipating, “I’m going to Georgia to see Mac for New Years!”

“How are you going to get there?” She wondered following him into the kitchen.

“A plane, mother,” He chuckled walking through the kitchen to the front door.

Winter walked out of the house while his mother shouted, “When did you plan this?”

“Less than an hour ago!” He yelled getting his bags in his car. “I love you mom,” He jumped in the driver seat and back out of the driveway and sped away.

Winter couldn’t wait to see Mac, he hadn’t even told him he was coming. He wanted to surprise him and stay in a hotel for a few days then do back home.

He reached the airport and he got paid parking for the next week so he could pick up his car on the way back home. The fox rushed in and got his tickets from the kiosk, he went through customs got his luggage put on the plane and got on. He didn’t get anything better than couch it wasn’t a very long flight.

While on the plane the fox connected his phone to the plane WiFi. He knew that it was probably going to be a terrible connection but all he needed to do what talk to Mac for hours and not let on to his plan.

Hours went by and the seatbelt sign turned on the pilot came over the PA system and told everyone that they were landing and such. Once the plane did land, Winter moved as fast as he could through the airport. Luckily not a lot of people were flying on New Year’s Eve, they all had gotten to their destinations for the holidays days or weeks before.

The silver furred fox grabbed his luggage, headed outside and tried to find a taxi, but called an Uber instead. He packed his bags into the back and had the driver take him to Mac’s house. He picked up his bags, paid the tiger, and rushed to the door

Winter looked at his phone and read the time, “11:50 PM, damn I wish I got here sooner.”

He knocked on the door and waited, he quickly became nervous as he heard someone reach for the door knob and turn it.

“Hello?” The fox husky mix said while he looked at Winter, his eyes widened with shock, but then he quickly grabbed him and pulled him tightly into a hug. “Winter what are you doing here?” He questioned almost crying out with joy.

“I had to see you for New Years,” he answered before breaking away from the hug. “I hated that we never saw each other in person this year because of work... but I won’t let this year go out without a bang!”

“We have less than ten minutes what are you planning on doing?” The fusky questioned letting the fox walk inside with his bags.

“Spend it in your arms,” He answered dropping his bags and pulling Mac into a hug holding him tightly.

Mac pulled him in closer, “that’s all I’ve ever wanted, to be held.”

Winters phone started to ring, “ten seconds!”

They said the countdown together, “ten,” Winter pulled him tightly, “nine, eight,” Mac pulled away slightly and closed his eyes, “seven, six, five, four,” Winter pulled him into a kiss and held it for the last few seconds of the year and passed it.

Winter broke the kiss saying, “happy New your sweetheart.”

“Happy new year Winter, I love you,” Pulling him back into a hug.

Winter held him close, “I love you too.” A few more minutes of hugging Winter pulled away to speak, “Mac I have a New Years resolution.”

“Already, What is it?” He questioned smiling at him.

Winter got existed and spit out the sentence, “To spend more time with you in person!” He pulled him back into a hug, again, “I’m going to come here for a few days every month i promise you that!”

Mac didn’t know what to say, he was so happy and excited that no words could come out, so he simply gave Winter another kiss they held each other tightly in the entrance way to the house.

“I love you Mac,” The fox whispered.

“I love you too Winter,” He murmured back. “Best New Years of my life.”
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