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by Norman
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I guess that I'm just getting old
My daughter said, “You’re getting old”
Softened with a smile
I thought, “That’s no surprise to me
I’ve known it for a while”

I know it every waking morn
When I get up and I ache
An ache I hope will go away
With the every step I take

I know it when I lose my breath
Just climbing up the stairs
Or when I look into a mirror
And miss more of my hair

I know it when I go somewhere
And can’t remember why
What am I doing in this room?
I just stand there high and dry

I know it when I miss a friend
That used to be real close
But when I close my eyes at night
That’s when I know it most

When slumber just won’t come to me
No matter how I try
Counting sheep won’t do the trick
I toss and turn and sigh

Perhaps it’s all the memories
My mind will not forget
Or maybe it’s that late night snack
That could be my regret

I’ll have to swear off pizza now
At least before bedtime
I guess that I’m just getting old
Hey, it’s really not a crime

So when I’m feeling out of sorts
And I just need my sleep
I’ll try counting pizza pies
Instead of counting sheep
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