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The fourteenth entry into the Daily Flash Fiction contest.
As a girl, Jade viewed all around her to be radiated with absolute wonder. Whatever this young spirit was unable to comprehend, her boundless imagination painted pictures instead, to fill the voids that knowledge would later reside in.

A stubborn child, who compromised with a compassionate heart, Jade stood out for being a young individual who dictated one’s own thoughts. Larger than life was a phrase often coined by adults to describe her. A short blonde girl that never shied away from acting as she felt, in each moment.

When high-school life dawned, Jade became overwhelmed by the social magnitude she’d found herself immersed in. Coming from a small town grade school, the difference in numbers felt bewildering, and soon saw it as a race, for whom was able to socially adapt the fastest.

In order not to fall into a cesspool of torment, Jade used her ability to draw inspiration; to concoct strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Soon all her music, television shows and dresses, became replaced with the latest trends.

It wasn’t enough to pretend any more, these had to be experienced first hand, so they were believable. These being the mental workings of an eleven year old girl, desiring acceptance.

Transitioning into adulthood, this way of life ruled with an iron fist, everything around Jade had to speak towards her own image. From the brand of teabags she struggled to pronounce, all the way down to the product used in cleaning her kitchen floor, every detail had to speak volumes.

Forgetting her inner child, Jade became a statistic chasing a pay cheque. Two eyes, who’s attention was up for tender to the highest production values. An opinion who believed any notion at the media’s whim, and laid her self-image on the line to defend it.

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